Professional Development Opportunity Accreditation

Providers of Professional Development Opportunities (PDOs) that are relevant to ESSA accredited professionals and members are encouraged to accredit their PDOs. Accredited professionals and members can then be assured that the Professional Development (PD) is reflective of best practice, is written and delivered by appropriately qualified professionals and is directly relevant to the profession. 

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) has developed CPD guidelines for its accredited professionals to support the continued enhancement of professional qualifications, knowledge and competency. Accredited professionals are required to accumulate 20 CPD points in 1 calendar year period. These points can be claimed across a number of different areas, to include participation in Professional Development Opportunities, such as courses, workshops and seminars. 

Why accredit your course with ESSA?

As an accredited course provider, you can offer professional development to the ESSA accredited professionals and members and provide CPD Points. Once your course has met the strict standards of accreditation, it will be listed in the external professional development section of our website and included in the monthly PD News. In addition, you will receive accredited course provider branding to assist you in promoting your program and can be used on your website and certificates distributed to participants upon successful completion of the course. 


Download Guidelines - updated January 2021

Application Form

Download Professional Development Opportunity Application (word format) - updated January 2021

ESSA will only accept applications in softcopy. No hardcopy applications will be accepted.

More information?

For more information on accrediting professional development, please contact our Professional Development Team at [email protected] or call 07 3171 3335.