Guild Student Free Insurance

ESSA has partnered with Guild Insurance to provide ESSA Members with tailored insurance solutions for each accreditation type. This insurance cover is subject to successfully answering a number of qualifying questions. 

Any ESSA Student Member, including post graduate students, covered under the ESSA Student Master Insurance Policy who are undertaking practicum will be covered as long as the student is 100% supervised (directly or indirectly) by a qualified practitioner – whether virtually, on the phone or in person. The ESSA Student Master Insurance Policy covers professional indemnity and public & products liability cover; it is not a workers compensation insurance policy, therefore students would be required to be covered separately for workers compensation. Please seek advice, as state and territory legislation may differ with regard to students.

The policy does not provide any cover for any Professional Services provided by you:

a. when you were not enrolled in a course of study relevant to your practice of the Professional Services;

b. which are outside the requirements of your course of study or not related to your course of study;

c. in a private capacity; or

d. when you were entitled to be registered as a practitioner in your field of study but were not so registered.

See find below important information regarding this student insurance policy through Guild.

  1. Policy Schedule
  2. Masters Policy
  3. Important Information

Important note about supervision: To work (paid or voluntarily) and be insured by the above policy, you must be directly or indirectly supervised by a registered supervisor. 

Direct supervision requires the supervisor to be present for the full consultation, directly overseeing the service, you and the client. Indirect supervision allows for the supervisor to be onsite, aware of the service and its content and for the supervisor to be able to respond to the needs of you and the client.

To understand more about professional indemnity insurance, what it covers, how much cover you need, etc. click here.

If you wish to sign up for the FREE Student Insurance, please email ESSA at [email protected].