Student Ambassadors

You’ll find ESSA Student Ambassadors at most universities across Australia. They help educate fellow students as to who ESSA is and what we do for the exercise and sports science profession. They are also there to act as your first point of contact if you have questions about ESSA and can help to direct your query to the right person.

If you’d like to get in touch with your ESSA student ambassador or would like to know more about the program or get involved, please email [email protected].

Meet your Student Ambassadors for 2022:

Peta Maree Drummond Central Queensland University (CQU)
Amanda Jayne Letcher Charles Sturt University
Vanessa Grima Charles Sturt University
Ramon Ledo Curtin University
Kyra Hijniakoff Deakin Univeristy
Heath Thomas Griffith University
Isabella Faranda Griffith University
Justine Somerville La Trobe University
Liam Oliver Queensland Univeristy of Technology (QUT)
Harrison Walker Southern Cross University
Susannah Stokes Southern Cross University
Peta Luck University of Canberra
Jessica Gawthorne University of Newcastle
Erin Kennedy University of Queensland
Rebecca Dostan University of South Australia
Clayton James University of Sunshine Coast
Gurleen Kaur Kaloti University of Sydney (USYD)
Skye Kim University of Sydney (USYD)
Megan Bowden University of Technology Sydney
Emma Hall Victoria University
Michael Deppeler Victoria University
Thomas Nguyen Victoria University