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Course Recognition for AEP Graduates Meeting SIRA (NSW) Requirements

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ESSA is offering a service to universities to have their course assessed for adequate coverage of ESSA’s new AEP Professional Standards that are relevant to workplace rehabilitation competencies. Graduates from a course that has been approved by ESSA as covering these competencies will receive additional certification upon obtaining their credentialing from ESSA as an AEP. This certification will enable graduates of approved courses to be recognised by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (NSW) to deliver workplace and functional capacity assessments in the New South Wales worker compensation scheme.


Eligibility to Apply

The course must be a current NUCAP-accredited exercise physiology course that covers the specified workplace rehabilitation-related components of ESSA’s new AEP Professional Standards. Sufficient evidence to demonstrate meeting these Standards will be required to accompany the application.

Components of ESSA’s new AEP Professional Standards that are required to be covered for the purpose of this application are listed within Section D (Evidence Submission) of the Application Form.


How to Apply

Download and complete the Application Form.

  • One application must be submitted per NUCAP-accredited exercise physiology course.
  • Applications may take up to 60 working days to be reviewed.
  • The application incurs a non-refundable assessment fee of $946 including GST, which must be paid with the application submission.

It is recommended that the full version of the AEP Professional Standards and the Application Form are read in full, before an Application Form is completed and submitted.

Enquiries can be directed to the ESSA National Office via email to or by phoning 07 3171 3335.