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MAT Live Course



MAT Live Course

 Are you a exercises physiologist wanting more accurate and scientific assessment measures in your practice?

Do you feel like you’re guessing when deciding whether your patients or clients can return to work, training or the sporting field?

Are you frustrated that they keep presenting with similar injuries – and wish there was a way to better identify the cause of their problem?

Are you sick of unmotivated clients and want more rehab based and goal driven clients?

Do you want a thriving business full of your ideal clients who are happy to pay premium prices for your high-end services?


Introducing The MAT – the world’s NUMBER ONE Assessment Tool.

Since our first MAT Live course three years ago, we’ve helped OVER 3500 Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers, Occupational, Massage and Sports Therapists improve their assessment using The MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) to get great results in their practices. 

In our MAT LIVE – Level 1 course, you’re going to get the full hands-on, practical MAT experience as we help you bridge the gap between traditional assessments that you’re currently using in your practice and the functional movements that are performed by your patients everyday to achieve their individual needs, wants and goals with the MAT.

On Day 1, you will learn:

  • 10+ NEW MAT assessments for the lower limb, spine and upper limb that will help you improve your assessment skills forever that you will be able to perform the very next day!
  • How to use the MAT to SET BASELINE MEASUREMENTS and make HIGHLY ACCURATE DECISIONS and track the progression of your patients and clients over time to help ensure that they reach their goals.
  • The LATEST EVIDENCE around movement assessment + rehabilitation so you can take your assessment and exercise prescription to the next level.
  • How The MAT can help you take the guesswork out of determining when your patients or athletes can have the best chance of RETURNING TO SPORT safely.
  • How The MAT can help you determine whether your treatment or training plan is effective for your individual patients and clients.
  • How to MEASURE all 3-DIMENSIONS of any movement in a way you have never been able to before and revitalise your practice.
  • How the MAT can help you INCREASE BUY IN into your treatment + training plans, improve your outcomes and INCREASE YOUR REBOOKING’S + REVENUE.
  • How The MAT can help you stand out from other therapists and trainers and create POINT OF DIFFERENCE to get more people through your door.

On Day 2,

We’ll show you how you can improve your patient outcomes with the meaningful, objective data that you can now gather from your new assessment skills using the MAT and show you:

  • How you can use our MAT Treatment + Training FORMULA to help you take patients from pain and SUB-OPTICAL FUNCTION TO PERFORMANCE using our 10-step approach to exercise prescription.
  • How you put the latest PAIN SCIENCE research into action to help you manage those difficult patients more effectively.
  • The FIVE most important things that you need to include in your rehabilitation programs to enable them to complete their individual needs, wants and goals and get back doing what they love to do.
  • How to avoid boring exercise prescription and get great results. No more generic exercises. No more 3×10 exercise prescription. CREATE EXPERT REHABILITATION plans using the 8 KEY FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENTS to individually tailor your rehab plans to your patients and clients.
  • How to use the 10 principles of NEUROPLASTICITY to create meaningful changes in your patient’s and client’s rehab plans to help make these changes more permanent and long-lasting. 

Following our high quality, evidence-based education, you’ll have MORE CONFIDENCE with your assessment, which will help you get outstanding results with your patients and clients and give you more SATISFACTION in your practice, leading to INCREASED SESSION NUMBERS AND REVENUE and making your investment back WITHIN 30 DAYS of attending the course.


Presented by Movement Assessment Technologies Stephen King and Andrew Lemon:

Stephen King is an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has completed a three-year Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a two year Master of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University, as well as a Master in Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia. Stephen is also qualified as a Pilates instructor and incorporates Dry Needling with specific patients. While completing his Masters in Physiotherapy, Steve travelled to the USA and UK to undertake further study in functional movement and incorporates these techniques into his treatment and rehab programs. Steve also sits on the board of Sports Medicine Australia and is on committees at both the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Osteopathy Australia.

Alongside his fellow director at the Injury Rehab Centre, Osteopath Andrew Lemon, Steve started the MAT – Movement Assessment Technologies , one of the world’s leading continuing education providers of movement assessment and rehabilitation for health and fitness professionals. They have also created their own cutting edge Movement Assessment Tool (The M.A.T) that is currently being used by over 400 professionals around the world and in elite sporting environment such as the AFL, EPL, ERU and on the men’s and women’s golf and tennis tours. In 2015, they sold out their own conference, the Allied Movement Symposium that raised thousands of dollars for charity and brought together health and movement professionals from over 10 professions. 2015 was a busy year for Steve having also spoken at both the Myotherapy and Sports Medicine Australia conferences.

Steve has a keen interest in injury prevention, functional movement and rehabilitation; especially in prescribing and overseeing successful rehab programs for a wide range of conditions. These include low back and disc pain, lower limb injuries such ankle sprains, ACL and other knee injuries and hip impingement, as well as junior sports injuries, tendon injuries, work related injuries and pelvic painfollowing his first Masters degree which involved working with elite AFL players to develop rehabilitation recommendations for players with ‘Osteitis Pubis’. During his most recent Masters he conducted research looking at prevention strategies for ankle sprains. Steve is currently performing research at Victoria University around ankle injuries and injury prevention using his and the Functional Movement Group’s own M.A.T.

Steve’s fitness background influences his treatment style, enjoying post surgical and sporting injury treatment and exercise rehabilitation. He empowers all his patients to take an active role in their treatment and rehabilitation. Steve also has an extensive knowledge and passion for working with patient with chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 3 months) and has designed the Injury Rehab Centre to make it the ‘go-to’ place for chronic pain rehabilitation.

As you can most likely guess, when Steve isn’t working or travelling the world with the Functional Movement Group educating other health professionals or updating his knowledge studying he enjoys keeping fit in the gym, playing cricket and on his bike on the road.

Qualifications: B.Sc, M.H.Sc (Osteopathy), Master of Physiotherapy, Cert 3+4 in Fitness, DMA Pilates Level 1-4, Certification in Applied Functional Science


Andrew Lemon is an Osteopath and Functional Movement Specialist. He has completed a three-year Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a two year Master of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University. In 2013 Andrew completed a year long mentorship with the prestigious Gray Institute in the USA who are also the providers of the NIKE Golf 360 program. This mentorship brought together thought leading professionals from around the world including medical staff from elite sporting institutions such as Everton Football Club and the Seattle Seahawks qualifying Andrew as one of the few therapists in Australia to become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science.

Alongside his fellow director at the Injury Rehab Centre, Physiotherapist and Osteopath Stephen King, Andrew started the Functional Movement Group, a CPD education company that travels nationally and internationally teaching movement assessment and rehabilitation to health and fitness professionals. They have also created their own cutting edge Movement Assessment Tool (The M.A.T) that is currently being used by over 400 professionals around the world and in elite sporting environment such as the AFL, EPL, ERU and on the men’s and women’s golf and tennis tours. In 2015, the started the Allied Movement Symposium that raises thousands of dollars for charity and brings together health and movement professionals from over 10 different professions.

Andrew believes in movement as medicine and often uses an active treatment approach along with traditional Osteopathic techniques including Dry Needling, Taping and Kinesiotaping (which he completed his Masters research in), Chinese Cupping and the True Stretch system. Andrew has had success treating low back and disc pain, lower limb injuries such ankle sprains, patellar tracking syndrome, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy, rotator cuff injuries, as well as postural related complaints such as neck pain and headaches. He also has a keen interest in how Osteopathic management can help golfer’s in increasing flexibility and power on course and reduce the risk of golf related lower back pain and golfer’s elbow.

Andrew spends his time off trying to keep fit in the gym, trying to fix his slice on the golf course and trying to attain Jimi Hendrix status on guitar, some of these endeavours are going better than others.

Qualifications: B.Sc, M.H.Sc (Osteopathy), Level Fellow of Applied Functional Science.


Course schedule


Australia and New Zealand

Wellington 10 – 11 March 2018
Melbourne 17 – 18 March 2018
Sydney 24 – 25 March 2018
Brisbane 21 – 22 July 2018
Perth 28 – 29 July 2018
Auckland 13 – 14 October 2018
Sydney 10 – 11 November 2018
Melbourne 17 – 18 November 2018



Hong Kong

14 – 15 April 2018


21 – 22 April 2018


22 – 23 September 2018


22 – 23 September 2018


 Spain 26 – 27 May 2018 
 Dublin 26 – 27 May 2018 
Toulouse 2 – 3 June 2018
Porto 2 – 3 June 2018
London 9 – 10 June 2018
Scotland 9 – 10 June 2018
Amsterdam 16 – 17 June 2018
Cologne 16 – 17 June 2018

South America

Brasilia 18 – 19 August 2018
 Sao Paulo 25 – 26 August 2018 




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Normal Price $625.00

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For more information or to enrol, please contact the provider using the below details:

Functional Movement Group
Stephen King
Ph: 0422481354