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Online continuing education activity on the management of chronic fatigue syndrome using cognitive-behavioural and graded exercise therapies

The UNSW Fatigue Clinic and the School of Medical Sciences have developed a self-paced, online continuing education activity aimed at educating health practitioners on the diagnosis and management of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) using cognitive-behavioural (CBT) and graded exercise (GET) therapies. 

The activity is being offered for free as part of a randomised controlled trial titled: A randomised controlled trial of online continuing education for health professionals to improve the management of CFS, which has been designed to assess the effectiveness of the online activity in improving clinician’s confidence, knowledge and clinical skills in the treatment of CFS. 

To participate or to learn more about the trial click here: 


Presented by Dr Sophie Li, Dr Benjamin Barry, Trinidad Valenzuela, Prof. Andrew Lloyd, Dr Carolina Sandler, Joanne Cassar, Sally Casson, Tina Bogg:

The Fatigue Clinic at the University of New South Wales is led by Professor Andrew Lloyd, a medical specialist and NHMRC Practitioner Fellow, and Dr Carolina Sandler, an accredited exercise physiologist. The team comprises exercise physiologist and clinical psychologist clinician-researchers. The group concurrently seeks to understand the pathophysiology of chronic fatigue syndrome and to enhance the effectiveness and availability of treatments. This trial of an online education intervention is being led by Dr Sophie Li, a clinical psychologist and researcher, and Dr Benjamin Barry, an accredited exercise physiologist and academic.


Course schedule

Online  October 2016 – April 2017





The activity is available for free to trial participants, who must be AEPs currently working in clinical practice to meet the inclusion criteria for the trial. 


Contact details

For more information or to enrol, please contact the provider using the below details:

The University of New South Wales
Sophie Li
Ph: 02 9385 8709