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Reformer 4 – Box work, Back Extension and Sides

This 20 hour course is a starting point for Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists,  Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Osteopaths wanting to incorporate the Pilates Reformer into their Rehabilitation and Exercise practice.

The 20 hour course is approved by ESSA for PDP and is part of a series of courses using the Reformer Apparatus. The course is designed so that practitioners can do 1 of the modules or all 4 of the modules to provide a complete understanding of the pilates repertoire as it applies to specific areas of the body and specific focus points. The course is unique in that it does not simply classify repertoire as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Rather we teach modules which allow participants to understand repertoire within different contexts and how the work can be introduced to injured or new clients as well as specific groups of clients like runners or swimmers, and how it is progressed as the clients need greater muscular and endurance challenges as well as coordination and control. The course material was developed over many years through clinical experience and applied in multi-disciplinary practices. The courses focus on practical functional application of the Pilates method for practitioners working with real clients.

In this module participants will be given an understanding of:

// The components of the Pilates method

// The basic movement shapes and patterns within the Pilates method

// Repertoire of the lower limb as well as hip disassociation family and the role of the femoral head movement in spiral and glide, as well as sacral nutation and how this will impact on  exercise choices and modifications.

// Understanding how to cue and observe correct muscle activation and joint placement

// Understanding of modifications and variations for specific injuries and modifications

Course participants receive comprehensive manuals detailing the repertoire. Each manual is professionally photographed and laid out addresses the focus or purpose of the exercise, teaching points, modifications and variations relates exercises and contraindications.

Course Participants can enrol in one, some or all of the Reformer modules, each of which are 20 hours in duration. Students will receive discounts when enrolling in more than one of the modules

Module One  – Leg and Footwork and Hip Disassociation

Module two – Arms and Upper Body

Module Three – Spinal Articulation, Additional Legs and Body Integration

Module Four  – Box work, Back Extension and Sides


Course schedule



10 – 11 March 2018


25 – 27 April 2018




One modul $950,                              $800 early bird rate per module

Two modules  $875 each                 ie   $1,750 for both

Three modules   $800 each              ie $2,400 for all three

Four modules  $750 each                 ie $3,000 for all four


Pricing, includes all manuals and tuition

Contact details

For more information or to enrol, please contact the provider using the below details:

Ms Carla Mullins
Body Organics
Ph: 07 3892 2002