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The Motivation Gap: A practical guide to engaging clients in health change

The Motivation Gap is specifically designed for health professionals, rehabilitation specialists, sports and exercise specialists and fitness professionals who want to increase client engagement and improve clinical adherence and outcomes.

With a strong foundation of evidence-based best practice, the workshop looks closely at the drivers of self-determination, and how to use autonomy-supporting communication and conversational intelligence to promote rapport-building and engagement.

With a unique point of difference, this course synthesizes key change theories from both the health and organizational sectors to present a guiding framework to explore and shift change readiness in clients. Participants will gain practical tools to recognize hidden resistance, respond to complex client emotions, recognize where clients are in change readiness, and use motivational interviewing strategies to increase engagement and commitment to change.


Presented by Dr Vanessa Thiele (Health Psychologist) and Hayley Morey (Occupational Therapist and Health Coach):

Vanessa has over 12 years of expertise in the psychology of behaviour change, motivation, motivational interviewing, and communication for engagement. She studied health behaviour change in the psychology doctorate at Deakin, then became a personal trainer and managed Inner Balance Personal Training in Mornington Peninsula for 4 years. She went on to become a senior facilitator for Health Coaching Australia, and a recognized expert in the field of health behaviour change. She has conducted a literature review on health coaching and behaviour change, contributed to scientific articles and professional conferences, and has facilitated health behaviour change and coaching for NH&MRC funded health research projects.


Hayley is an Occupational Therapist with expertise in behaviour change in the health, lifestyle, and rehabilitation contexts. She worked in a health coaching, managerial and staff training role at Bayside Community health service. She then commencing work with Recovr in workplace rehabilitation. She now delivers health training in the corporate sector

Course schedule


Healthlogic [Level 3, 55 Bourke St, Melbourne]

24 March 2018





Group bookings (two or more people) are $249 per person


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For more information or to enrol, please contact the provider using the below details:

Action Potential Group
Dr Vanessa Thiele
Ph: 0419894621



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