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Insurance FAQs


This page provides answers to questions commonly asked by accredited professionals about their insurance needs. 


What is Professional Indemnity Insurance? 

Professional Indemnity Insurance is defined as insurance which covers people who provide professional services and/or advice from civil liability claims arising from that service and/or advice as a result of a negligent act, error or omission in the conduct of the practitioner


What should my Professional Indemnity Insurance policy include? 

  • Automatic reinstatement is a provision in policies which allows for the limit of indemnity (amount insured) to be reinstated for new, unrelated claims, after one or more claims have been paid to the limit of the indemnity
  • Retroactive cover covers you from claims that might arise from previous work conducted before your current professional indemnity policy commences
  • Run-off cover is a professional indemnity insurance policy which comes into effect when the insured stops trading, and any claims made under it will relate to work carried out before the policy was incepted
  • Public liability protects you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable for personal injury, property damage and economic loss
  • Good Samaritan Acts means the rendering of or failure to render first aid and assistance in an emergency situation or accident to stabilise an injured person, or to prepare the injured person for transfer to a medical facility or other place and where you are in attendance as a by-stander or passer-by and where there is no expectation of payment or other reward for the rendering of that first aid or assistance


What is an appropriate level of insurance coverage?

Insurance must be relevant to type of work and services you are performing, particularly in regard to the nature of the work and extent of its risks. The cover needs to be sufficient to meet any liability that may be incurred if a successful claim is made against the you arising from your professional practice. 

Appropriate levels will differ depending on your qualifications and work situation, including your area of practice, your clients and general risks involved. It is important to speak with an insurance broker to discuss your specific needs.

It’s also a good idea to speak with your insurer whenever your work circumstances change.


If am not working with clients do I need to have professional indemnity insurance?

All ESSA accredited professionals need to ensure they have appropriate professional indemnity insurance for any practice undertaken.

Even if you are not working with clients directly, you will still need insurance to cover any practice where you are using the knowledge and skills of an exercise and sports science professional. This insurance may be held personally or through an employer.


If I work for an employer do I need to have my own professional indemnity insurance?

Your employer is likely to have in place arrangements that cover the activities and duties you carry out as part of your employment. It is important to you make yourself aware of what the employer coverage entails, and ensure you only practise within the confines of this. Advice or services be provided outside of this may be subject to litigation if you do not obtain your own insurance.


What is retroactive cover and why should I have it?

Retroactive cover is insurance that covers you for action taken against you in relation to your previous practice as an exercise and sports science professional.  You should have this insurance in place if you are not practicing e.g. for a temporary leave of absence or if you stop practicing permanently.


What is automatic reinstatement?

Automatic reinstatement resets your level of cover if a claim has been made against you.  For example, if your level of cover was $1,000,000 and a claim of $200,000 was made out against you, automatic reinstatement allows for your level of cover to be restored to the full $1,000,000.


I volunteer at a local sports club/community centre do I still need to have professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect both you and the users of your services. It is important to have professional indemnity insurance that covers all activities you perform as an exercise and sports science professional, including volunteering. If the organisation does not have professional indemnity that covers you, you will need to ensure you have personal insurance.  


If I am covered by a workplace insurance policy does the policy need to specifically state my profession if I am not directly providing exercise services?

Insurance must be appropriate for the type of work you are performing. For example, if you are working as a case manager, you do not need to specify exercise physiology services in the workplace policy.