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Templates, Example Supervisor Forms and Logbooks and Practicum Guides


Apparently Healthy Logbook Example 

Cardiopulmonary/Metabolic Logbook Example

Musculoskeletal/Neurological/Neuromuscular Logbook Example 

Other Clinical Hours Logbook Example 

Apparently Healthy Supervisor Form Example 

Cardiopulmonary/Metabolic Supervisor Form Example 

Musculoskeletal/neurological/neuromuscular Supervisor Form Example

Other Clinical Hours Supervisor Form Example 

Exercise Science Practicum Logbook Example 

Exercise Science Practicum Supervisor Form Example 

Example of a Completed Statutory Declaration 


Templates and forms

2016 Logbook Template 

Apparently Healthy Supervisor Form Template

Cardiopulmonary/Metabolic Supervisor Form Template 

Musculoskeletal/Neurological/Neuromuscular Supervisor Form Template

Other Clinical Hours Supervisor Form Template

Exercise Science Supervisor Form Template 

ASpS Logbook Template 

Level 1 Sign Off Competency Form 

Level 2 ASpS Competency Form Level-2-ASpS-competency_final_new

Level 2 AHPM Competency Form

Level 2 ASpS Supervisor Report 

Level 2 AHPM Supervisor Report




AES Practicum Guide

AEP Practicum Guide

Level 1 ASpS Application Guide

Level 1 Supervisors Report Guide

Level 2 ASpS Application Guide

Level 2 AHPM Application Guide

Accredited Sports Scientist and Accredited High Performance (Sports Science/Sports Medicine) Manager Grandfathering guide





ESSA Exercise Science Standards

Section E ES Standards 

Suitable Notary 

ESSA Sports Science Standards