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Position Statements and Reports

Position Statement  
2015-2019 Exercise & Sports Science Australia Strategic Imperatives  Download
The Collaboration of Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists in the Health Care Setting Under Review
Type 2 Diabetes Group allied health services: Joint submission with DAA and ADEA Download
National Hospital Workforce Mapping and Analysis 2014 Download
Exercise Physiology Health Service & Workforce Planning Document 2014 Download
ESSA: Exercise Prescription and Peripheral Arterial Disease  Download
Profiling the Australian High Performance & Sports Science Workforce: Executive Summary Download
Profiling the Australian High Performance & Sports Science Workforce: Final Report Download
Exercise and Mental Health An Exercise and Sports Science Australia Commissioned Review  Download
Exercise and Chronic Kidney Disease  Download
ESSA: Exercise and Diabetes Download
ESSA : Exercise and falls prevention in older people Download
ESSA : Exercise and asthma Download
ESSA : Optimising cancer outcomes through exercise Download
ESSA : Exercise training and chronic heart failure Download
ESSA : Physical activity and exercise intensity terminology Download
ESSA : Exercise and hypertension Download
A review of the clinical evidence for exercise in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee Download
ESSA & DAA : The collaboration of exercise physiologists and dietitians in chronic disease management Download