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Apply for NUCAP accreditation

Full accreditation is awarded to a university course that has been assessed to meet all the NUCAP guidelines.  A full accreditation application should be submitted when an academic unit has students undertaking the course (as it appears in the application) who are in their final year of study. In this year, a site visit may occur when students have completed at least 50% of their final semester.

The assessment team cannot conduct a site visit before this point because they are expected, among other requirements, to interview two students from each cohort to discuss matters relating to unit content and preparation for practicum. They are also required to speak with an appropriately represented group of practicum supervisors who can provide feedback on a range of practicum issues, including the skills and knowledge that the students are bringing into their work site.

When to submit your application

There are two common due dates for the submission of applications for full course accreditation. These dates are the 31st January and 31st July of each year. For NUCAP to schedule the review of an application, academic units will be required to submit a non refundable deposit equivalent to 10% of the full accreditation fee, two months before the due date. Academic units will be advised in a timely manner when the deposit is required.

NUCAP Application Pack (Full Accreditation)

To achieve administrative and economic efficiency for the academic unit, NUCAP can offer some flexibility in terms of aligning course accreditation cycles and aligning these cycles with internal program or school reviews. Please contact the NUCAP manager to discuss the options.

NUCAP fees

2015 fees for full accreditation of a course

Accreditation fees are reviewed annually. Please note that the review of the application will not begin until full payment is received.

Accreditation level Fee* (including GST)
Exercise science application $29,372
Postgraduate exercise physiology application $29,372
Exercise physiology application (including cost of exercise science application) $29,940
Additional course applications that are submitted concurrently (per additional application) $1,262
Additional cost for accrediting a second campus if application (s) similar and submitted concurrently $8,865
Re-accreditation Full fees

The fees noted above are for applications submitted by Australian universities only. Applications submitted by overseas based university institutions and site visits being conducted overseas will incur additional fees.

The fees outlined above are based on a cost recovery model. Fees received for accreditation are used for NUCAP’s operational expenses only and do not support any other business activities of ESSA. Audited financial statements are available upon request and can be attained through the ESSA executive officer. ESSA will endeavour to prevent annual fee increases. However, academic units are encouraged to budget for increases in line with the annual consumer price index (CPI).

How to pay your full accreditation fee

Please contact the NUCAP manager to organise a tax invoice for the accreditation fees. Once the fees have been paid please forward a remittance advice to the NUCAP Manager.