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2018 updates

ESSA provided feedback to Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) for AHPA to respond to the  Australian Labor Party’s Draft National Health Platform.

 ESSA is pleased to note that the role of exercise physiologists  in addressing health and lifestyle issues is acknowledged in AHPA’s response to the Draft National Health Platform as follows:

 “AHPA is particularly concerned that the draft platform does not state explicit support for the role of allied health professionals such as psychologists, dietitians, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists in supporting lifestyle change. These professions are the primary source of support for consumers addressing health and lifestyle issues but are not acknowledged as such.”



Submission to the Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic in Australia

2018 – Income and Work Census submission form ESSA

2018-19 Federal Government Pre-Budget Submission

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services restructure

Tasmanian Health Service leadership restructure

Federal Government Pre-Budget Submission, January 2016

Senate Select Committee on Health

ESSA Response to National Sports Plan

Inquiry into Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Primary Health Care

Federal Government Pre-Budget Submissions:

Telehealth 2014-15
Pre-Diabetes 2014-15

Below are ESSA policy submissions on what parties must commit to in the lead up to the 2013 Federal election.

ESSA Policy Submission – SPORTS SCIENCE
ESSA Policy Submission – PRE-DIABETES
ESSA Policy Submission – MENTAL HEALTH
ESSA Policy Submission – TELEHEALTH
ESSA Policy Submission – GST 


Updated 6 July 2018