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High Performance Accreditation

ESSA Accredited High Performance Manager specialises in overseeing a team‘s sports science/sports medicine services. They apply their knowledge and skills to lead programs for high performance, elite and professional sports and athletes.

At all times, an Accredited High Performance Manager makes the wellbeing of the athlete, the team and other service users their primary concern by providing the utmost duty of care and never recommending the use of any substance or practice that might knowingly cause harm to the service user.


I Want To Apply For High Performance Manager Accreditation – Where Do I Start?

To apply for High Performance Accreditation please read the information below.

The application guide provides in depth information and sample applications to assist you so please take the time to read these.



To Apply For High Performance Manager Accreditation You Must:

  • Demonstrate evidence of meeting the ESSA Accredited Sports Science Level 1 Professional Standards (Standards 1 to 6).
  • Demonstrate evidence of meeting the ESSA Level 2 Accredited High Performance Manager Professional Standards.
  • Demonstrate evidence of practising the profession of Sports Scientist Level 2 (or equivalent) for at least 5 years FTE (9000 hours) in a high-performance setting.

All AHPMs must also meet ESSA’s accreditation eligibility requirements.


Accredited High Performance Manager form: click here

Accredited High Performance Manager guide: click here


2018 Cost: $241.00 includes free membership



High Performance Manager Accreditation Grandfathering

To be eligible to apply for grandfathered sports science accreditation applicants must satisfy;

  • 10 years full time equivalent (FTE) practice* 
  • Hold a higher education degree related to exercise and sports science**
  • Demonstrate evidence of meeting the standards for an Accredited Sports Scientist through submission of 3–5 sports science case studies.

All AHPMs must also meet ESSA’s accreditation eligibility requirements.

*Practice — whether remunerated or not — in which the individual uses their skills and knowledge as a sports scientist under the defined ESSA Scope of Practice for Sports Science. For the purpose of accreditation, practice is restricted to direct servicing and research. Management, administration and policy development roles are not included.
**Where a person has a qualification below a Bachelor degree (AQF 7), they will be given provisional accreditation and will have 3 years to gain a qualification of a Bachelor degree (AQF 7) or above.

The grandfathering pathway will be available until 1 February 2021.


Accredited High Performance Manager Grandfathering form: click here

Accredited High Performance Manager Grandfathering guide: click here


2018 Cost: $241.00 includes free membership