Time Management: Get It Done! Podcast

Want to get more done in less time? Each one of us wants to get ahead in life, but we are confronted with the relentless daily demands that compete for our time. Often, these pressures make us busy, but ineffective. Our time is swallowed up by the urgent and unimportant, causing us to become highly stressed, over-worked and overwhelmed.

Whether you are a student, new graduate, experienced practitioner or business owner; how you use your time will determine your effectiveness in life. Time management is actually a personal leadership issue. Personal leadership requires a mind shift – from reactively responding to time pressures; to proactively setting your agenda. This is the key that will help you realise your dreams and keep you sane in the process.

During this highly practical podcast, you will learn:

* Being Effective vs Busy
* The Rule of 5
* The 80-20 Principle
* Prioritising Correctly
* Goal Setting (The Power of 6×6)
* Identify Your Biggest Time Traps
* Living in Your Strengths, Delegating Weaknesses
* How to Say No

Phil draws on respected authors Steven Covey and John Maxwell in addition to his experience of leading a corporate rehabilitation team of 45 allied health staff; insights gained from consulting for small business owners; along with lessons learned from juggling demands of leading his own coaching business. In this presentation, Phil Thomson will explain proven principles of personal leadership along with practical application in an allied health context that you can begin using immediately in your personal life, your career and your business.

The recording is of a webinar presented by ESSA on 28th May 2014.

Presented by Mr Phil Thomson

Phil’s career began as a qualified Exercise Physiologist in Brisbane and then later in Coffs Harbour. It wasn’t long before he took on the challenge of starting a new regional branch. As the company embarked on a significant growth plan, opportunities came to expand his leadership skills. Phil helped start a second office and he was given the challenge to transform several dysfunctional teams; returning them to profitability. By age 26, Phil had been promoted to oversee 45 allied health staff across 5 offices in the state, with the company’s turnover surpassing $4 Million. In this high pressured environment he learned that everything rises and falls with leadership. Phil was inspired to complete an MBA and became an accredited leadership coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Company. Phil determined that his career goal was to activate leaders to realise their potential and in so doing, raise the effectiveness of their entire team.

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