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ESSA Statement: Exercise & Sports Science Australia Congratulates Federal Government on Release of Practice of Sports Science in Australia Report

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) today congratulates the Federal Government on the much anticipated response to the 2013 Senate Inquiry into the “blackest day in sport”. The report, The Practice of Sports Science, was tabled in Parliament yesterday and sets the benchmark for a positive future in sports science. 

“ESSA and the sports industry have been waiting for the Governments response  and we are clearly delighted with the outcome. It shows a strong response from the Government and will see much needed changes to the sports science industry to ensure qualified and accredited professionals are recognised,” says Ms. Anita Hobson-Powell, CEO of ESSA. 

“Recommendation 4 of the report states Government will work to strengthen self-regulation by establishing an industry-based accreditation scheme that ensures sports scientists are qualified, observe ethical standards, undertake professional development and maintain a high level of excellence.” 

Following the start of the Senate Inquiry, ESSA stood up to take responsibility for the establishment of quality assurance requirements and regulatory processes for sports scientists within an individual code or sporting organisation. 

ESSA and a number of professionals in the industry have been concerned that individuals describing themselves as sports scientists (where title protection has not been available), are continuing to perform a role within sporting organisations and clubs, without appropriate qualifications, accreditation by an independent and recognised organisation and oversight by a governing body or statutory control. 

Over the last few years, ESSA has been working with industry to revise its accreditation to meet the needs of industry. 

This has seen:

1) Two levels of accreditation being introduced for sports science

2) The introduction of a High Performance Manager (Sports Science/Sports Medicine) accreditation 

Accredited professionals with ESSA are required to work within their defined scope of practice, observe a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice and maintain annual professional development. ESSA has also released its grandfathering pathway into the new accreditation for existing sports scientists working in the industry. 

“This is a momentous day for ESSA, the industry and the future of our elite athletes. I look forward to working personally with current sports scientists and high performance managers to give them the recognition they deserve and make the process of accreditation as simple as possible,” says Ms. Hobson-Powell.


To access the report – The Practice of Sports Science - please click here.

To access the media release - New Sports Science and High Performance Manager (Sports Science/Sports Medicine) Accreditation released – please click here.