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Exercise Right: The significant impact of Exercise Right Week 2018

Exercise Right Week 2018 saw over 1,000 accredited exercise professionals take part in the week to raise awareness and promote the importance of exercise and finding your ‘Motivation to Move’, especially for those living with chronic conditions.

“The week aims to highlight that when exercise is prescribed by an appropriately qualified exercise professional, such as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Accredited Exercise Scientist, it can significantly reduce and manage the symptoms of chronic conditions and lower the risk factors of developing further conditions,” says ESSA Chief Executive Office, Anita Hobson-Powell.

Per the 2014-15 National Health Survey, 50% of Australians are living with at least one chronic condition which includes arthritis, pain, cancer, diabetes, mental health conditions, and cardiovascular disease, to name some.

“The benefits of seeing an accredited exercise professional are that they can tailor an exercise program to your specific physical and mental health needs, and help you to find your ‘Motivation to Move’ towards better health and well-being,” adds Anita.

The 2018 campaign highlighted the exercise journeys of a range of everyday Australians, from those recovering from cancer, through to people living with severe brain injuries. Through the use of videos and blogs, we were able to witness how exercise has directly helped these people in their treatment or recovery.

I encourage everyone going through cancer treatment to be physically active. To be in control of something is a positive part of recovery that anyone can do. My sessions with my Accredited Exercise Physiologist made me feel amazing and like my old self again, physically and mentally,” explains Holly, a 31-year-old recovering from breast cancer.

This year’s Exercise Right survey indicated that 43% of respondents are living with at least one chronic condition; 16% indicated that they had a mental health condition, 19% are living with asthma, and 14% with chronic pain.

The month of May also saw an increase of over 83% in searches for a local Accredited Exercise Physiologist compared to the month prior, using Exercise & Sports Science Australia’s (ESSA) ‘Find an Accredited Exercise Professional’ function.

“We hope that these statistics indicate that Australians have been made more aware of the importance of exercise for their chronic conditions and illnesses, and have been encouraged to seek the advice of their local exercise expert to manage or reduce their symptoms,” says Anita.

“We know that even an extra 15-30 minutes of brisk walking at least five days a week reduces the disease burden due to physical inactivity by at least 13%. If this year’s campaign has inspired Australians to move more, then we deem it a success!”

To see the benefits of exercise, visit the Exercise Right website.

To find your local accredited exercise professional, click here.