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Exercise Vital For Any Tradies Toolkit

The month of August sees Aussies rallying behind ‘Tradies National Health Month’, and Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is encouraging all of our hard-working tradies to include exercise as a key component of their toolkit to help keep their health in check.

“Carpenters, labourers, landscapers and other tradespeople all come with a variety of different skillsets, but one thing they all have in common is their need for a well-functioning, healthy body to undertake their jobs,” says ESSA Chief Executive Officer, Anita Hobson-Powell.

“Regular exercise is integral to the work lifestyle of a tradie to help keep their health and body in tip top shape.”

Tradies National Health Month is an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the risks posed to those who work in trade occupations. As a tradie, you protect and maintain your tools, so it’s important to do the same when it comes to your body with the right exercise.

The benefits of the right exercise include:

  • Increase muscular endurance (ability for the muscles to resist fatigue)
  • Increase aerobic and functional capacity to complete daily tasks
  • Reduce the likelihood of injury (e.g. lower back pain)

“Performing regular aerobic exercise and strength training, and completing stretching, particularly around the lower back can assist in decreasing pain and injury reoccurrence. An appropriate exercise routine will assist in increasing strength and endurance of your muscles and enhance your functional capacity at work,” explains Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Carly Ryan.

Recent reports have highlighted that one in five of all serious workplace injuries involve a tradesman, with tradies having the highest number of injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and other health and safety risks of any profession evident.

“Evidence has shown workers that averaged three to four hours of overtime a day were around 1.5 to 2 times more likely to develop certain chronic diseases. Lower back pain is the most common complaint among tradies, followed closely by shoulder, neck, knee and ankle injuries,” notes Ms Ryan.

There is also the psychological stress within the trades industry of finding the next job with the prevalence of contractors and subcontractors in a highly competitive market. Regular exercise can help tradies cope with the physical and mental demands of their job, keeping their body and mind healthy.

Top three tools for tradies:
1. Make exercise part of your daily routine.
2. Do gentle stretches to warm up and cool down.
3. Give your body a break to avoid injury! When performing a repetitive physical task at work, have regularly breaks to allow your body rest and recovery time.

Don’t ignore the aches and pains and consult an exercise expert, such as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), to assist in your recovery from an injury.

To get in contact with your local accredited professional, please click here.

To find out more about exercising right for your job, please visit the Exercise Right website.