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Awards and Grants

ESSA Awards and Grants

Keep up to date with the latest awards and grants and join ESSA’s elite!


Industry-awards-2018-banner ESSA Industry Awards - Awards that recognises the excellence of ESSA members.

  • Accredited Exercise Scientist of the Year
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist of the Year
  • Accredited Sports Scientist of the Year
  • Practice of the Year
  • Practicum Supervisor of the Year
 ESSA medal mail chimp banner ESSA Medal - Awarded annually by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) to the most outstanding PhD thesis, approved for graduation in the field of Exercise and Sports Science.
Clinical Exercise Physiology Research Grant Logo Clinical Exercise Physiology Research Grant - An award of up to $16,000 to encourage members to engage in clinical exercise physiology research, in association with a relevant organisation/association or university, as appropriate, which will encourage participation in exercise or physical activity leading to better health outcomes.
ASSRG Colour Logo Applied Sports Science Research Grant - An award of up to $16,000 for ESSA members involved in innovative, research based sports science projects.
Tom penrose logo Tom Penrose Community Service Grant - A grant of up to $16,000 is offered by the ESSA in memory of Tom Penrose, to honour his outstanding contribution as a pioneer in exercise and sports science and his contributions to associates and trainees in teaching, research, and his valuable contribution to his local community.