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ESSA Industry Awards

About the Industry Awards

Each year ESSA awards and recognises its outstanding accredited members who demonstrate through their practice, a thorough understanding of the discipline, and a strong commitment to the profession and the industry through their advocacy within the community.

Applicants for the awards must also show evidence of exceptional service delivery to their clients, their practice or the community. Innovation in program delivery or service models across the spectrum of the health and sporting sector will also be highly regarded.

Also awarded is Practice of the Year, which recognises practices that provide exceptional services and programs to their clients, or have developed innovative services or service delivery models, across the spectrum of the health, exercise and sporting sectors

Also awarded is Practicum Supervisor of the Year, which recognises outstanding student practicum supervisors across the exercise science, clinical exercise physiology and sports science settings. Applications and previous winners can be found here.



Winners of the 2017 ESSA Industry Awards Announced!

ESSA is delighted to formally announce the winners of the 2017 ESSA Industry Awards.

“We had such a high caliber of entrants into this year’s awards that it was extremely difficult for the judges to make a final decision. This is a true reflection of the excellence of all of our members. Congratulations to our winners,” says Anita Hobson-Powell, ESSA Chief Executive Officer.


The 2017 Winners are: 

Accredited Exercise Physiologist of the Year Award – Stephen Stone

Stephen Stone has been working in the exercise and sports science field for just on 25 years and has demonstrated generous dedication to this role in his native state of Tasmania. Stephen has provided outstanding support across a broad range of sectors including education, occupational health and rural health.

Stephen is the Physical Health Lead and 2IC to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Tasmania’s Primary Health Care Program. The program delivers free health services for people living with chronic health conditions in five Tasmanian local government areas (LGAs). Within the program, Stephen oversees four other physical health professionals including AEPs and physiotherapists.

The program aims to, “improve health outcomes for all remote and rural Tasmanian’s”, focusing on their health needs by addressing the integration and coordination of health care, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of health (by being a health literate organisation), ensuring people to receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time (mentally, socially and physically), and reducing preventable hospitalisations.

Reviewed and endorsed by leading Tasmanian cardiologists and cardiac rehabilitation nurse consultants, Stephen has also recently designed and finalised a cardiac (CR) and pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) program called “Prime Mover” that will be delivered to the LGAs RFDS Tasmania occupies from November 2017. This program will provide a much-needed service for people requiring CR/PR in these regional areas.

Through effective chronic disease management, health literacy education (63% of Tasmanians are health illiterate) and health coaching, Stephen, with his team, endeavours to support these individuals to optimise their health and wellness and reduce preventable health care interactions.

Accredited Sports Scientist of the Year Award – Hugh Fullagar

Hugh Fullagar has applied several scientific principles and techniques to assist Oakland Raiders’ coaches and players to improving their performance within the context of an NFL team environment. Hugh is predominantly responsible for contributing to the physical preparation of players, effectively communicating athlete readiness, performance, and recovery data to coaches, players and performance team to optimise on-field performance and mitigate injury risk. This is done through Hugh’s experience in both applied and academic contexts, where he balances a ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ practitioner approach by using research and applied experience to influence positive player development.

Hugh is part of a dedicated strength and conditioning team lead by Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Joe Gomes, whom in close collaboration with Oakland’s football coaches focus on providing the best of applied sport science, physical preparation and recovery systems in a world-class training environment. Hugh has been a key contributor to improving the service of daily reporting performance data structures to players, coaches and medical/performance staff, data management throughout the performance team and as well as the integration of current sport science/medical research into applied practice.

During 2017, and indeed Hugh’s career, he has made significant contributions to the research field, and has observed high standards of inter-professional practice, quality control in athlete assessment, the duty of care of athletes, an understanding and application of doping legislation, and an understanding of the procedures and the ethics of fair play in sport, all of which are critical components to the sport science profession.

Practice of the Year Award – Healthy Back Solutions

Healthy Back Solutions specialises in providing high quality evidence-based treatment models for neck and back injury prevention and rehabilitation that marry secure case management and monitoring software with the world’s best technology in musculoskeletal rehabilitation for maximum effectiveness.

Healthy Back Solutions boasts a large number of accredited exercise and sports science professionals – Adam Cabble, Alex Maratos Christina Cumming, Nathan Wright, James Blackwell, Meagan Goode, Kerrie Stacey, Nathan Webster, Sarah King and Ashlie Chaffey. It is a major goal of Healthy Back Solutions to be the largest employer of exercise physiologists in Australia.

The practice has made a significant contribution to the exercise and sports science industry through their outstanding service delivery to clients; engagement of the practice within the health community who present with chronic spinal pain by using innovative technology and protocols, and evidence based and quantifiable methods; and the ongoing education and training of exercise physiologists using a number of approaches and resources, under the guidance of Practice Directors Emeritus Professor John Carlson (Clinical Research) and Geoffrey Mackay (Clinical Practice) who share a combined 60 years’ experience in sport and exercise science.

In the last 12 months, Healthy Back Solutions has achieved significant milestones such as opening five new clinics within Victoria and NSW and most recently finalising agreements to open another clinic in Goulburn in January 2018, placing them as one of the leading private employing businesses for exercise physiologists in Victoria; as well as the successful treatment of over 1,200 patients with chronic neck and back pain, with approximately 92% of patients reporting significant reduction in pain.

Practicum Supervisor of the Year Award – Alistair Mumford

Alistair Mumford, working out of Bendigo Health Care Group, has been labelled by students, colleagues and university co-ordinators alike as having made major contributions to the development of student’s applied knowledge, practical skills and professionalism as a practicum supervisor.

Demonstrating positive, professional role modelling to students for a number of years, Alistair frequently imparts exceptional knowledge onto students in a way that has them reflect on their own knowledge and practice to create strategies for how they can improve. Importantly, Alistair demonstrates excellent therapist-patient relationships and how to develop these.

After weekly meetings, Alistair provides constructive and timely feedback on patient interactions and exercise design as they occur. Alistair is also concerned for students on an individual level and encourages students to be honest with how they are coping at placement both professionally and personal.

Alistair is a strong advocate for professional and inter-professional learning. He always encourages the use of evidence based practice and provides appropriate time for students to plan and research when complex patients are scheduled or patients are presenting with conditions that the student in less familiar with. Alistair actively encourages the exercise physiology students to speak with the other students to explore how they might approach working with the same patient. Alistair also encourages students to attend multi-disciplinary meetings where appropriate.

Alongside his extensive knowledge, skills and competencies, Alistair is most appreciated for his genuine and honest professionalism as a practicum supervisor.