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Practicum Supervisor Award


The Practicum Supervisor Award is offered by ESSA to recognise outstanding student practicum supervisors across the exercise science, clinical exercise physiology and sports science settings.

The award will be made to supervisors who can demonstrate through their supervision of students, a practicum experience that has made a major contribution to the development of the student’s applied knowledge, practical skills and professionalism.

The award is open to members of ESSA who are of good standing and have been financial for the past 12 months. Nominees for the practicum supervision award must be current and compliant accredited exercise physiologists, accredited exercise scientists and/or accredited sports scientists.


Applications must be submitted by 24 November 2017.

A decision will be made in December 2017.


2017 Application

To complete the online 2017 nomination form for Practicum Supervisor of the Year, click here.

To review the eligibility criteria for this award, click here.


For further information please contact


Congratulations to Kristine Grainger - Winner of the 2016 Practicum Supervisor of the Year

Kristine has been an Exercise Physiologist in the NSW Health system for more than 20 years. When she transitioned from cardiac rehabilitation, her new clinical role in mental health was unique at the time. Now, mental health is probably the largest growth area for AEP employment in NSW Health. Whilst Kristine has always provided clinical supervision in previous roles, her commitment to clinical education and student placements has grown even further in this role. She believes that placements in a focused mental health setting play a pivotal role in providing graduate-level AEPs with invaluable knowledge, practical insights and meaningful experience for working in this field, and enable them to develop core competencies in this critical area. She enjoys both the rewards and the challenges of taking students, and works to engage them in all aspects of being a health professional in a hospital and public health setting.   As the sole AEP at the Wellbeing Unit at Macquarie Hospital, she currently balances her intensive clinical role and other professional representative commitments with the provision of 18-20 clinical placements from multiple universities per year (equating to approx. 6000 hours of supervision/year).


Alana Wallis – Winner of the 2014 Practicum Supervisor of the Year 

Jessica Hansson – Winner of the 2013 Practicum Supervisor of the Year