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How to Maintain Your Accreditation

Congratulations! You are an accredited professional with ESSA. To maintain your accreditation you must do the following;

Hold a current First Aid certificate (code HLTAID003) – this needs to be renewed every 3 years

 Hold a current CPR certificate (code HLTAID001) – this needs to be renewed every year

 Accrue 20 points of continuing professional development (CPD) * you do not need to earn points for the calendar year that you are approved. I.e. if you are approved in September 2016 you will not need to earn points for the remainder of 2016, but will need to accrue 20 points from January to December 2017

Hold professional indemnity insurance if relevant

 AEPs only – must successfully complete the Standards and Compliance self paced module


ESSA undertakes a random accreditation audit every year. If you are selected as part of the audit, you are required to provide evidence of the above items. Please see the below headings for more information.

ESSA also recommends regularly familiarising yourself with your Scope of Practice and Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice. This will inform you about your professional practice boundaries.


Scopes of Practice 

AES click here

AEP click here

ASpS/AHPM click here


Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice click here

Holding membership and/or accreditation with ESSA constitutes acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the Code of Conduct. The Code provides guidelines on the best practice for exercise and sports scientists, and a standard against which your professional behaviour may be evaluated.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is a requirement of accreditation that you hold appropriate insurance that covers you both professionally (professional indemnity) and publically (public liability). Full more detail on insurance terminology click here.

ESSA recommends speaking with your insurer regularly to ensure you have sufficient coverage for your needs.

Guild Insurance  have partnered with ESSA to provide tailored policies specific to the needs of exercise & sports scientists/ESSA members.


First Aid and CPR

For ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientists and Accredited Sports Scientists a valid* First Aid and CPR statement of attainment is required if you are working with human clients or subjects.

A valid* First Aid and CPR statement of attainment is a requirement to maintain status as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

*Validity constitutes a current statement of attainment from a recognised training provider that meets the Australian standards for minimum First Aid (HLTAID003) and CPR (HLTAID001) units.

The Australian Standards are outlined on in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines. These units apply to all workers who may be required to provide CPR, in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements

You must complete an annual continuing professional development program.

In 2016, this comprises a total 10 points for AES, and 20 points for AEP and ASpS. In 2017 this will be 20 points for all accredited persons.

CPD reflects an expectation from the public and industry that you are committed to keeping your professional practice abilities up to date and are current with best practice. CPD is also a good way to expand your skills and career opportunities. 


Financial Accreditation with ESSA

You must be financial for the calendar year (i.e. pay your annual accreditation fee). You will be asked to declare compliance with the above accreditation rules and declare charges, convictions or involvement in proceedings related to a criminal offence related to you in order to be eligible for renewal.


Standards and Compliance (AEPs only)

You must complete this online, self-paced module within 4 months of gaining accreditation. This will contribute 5 points to your first CPD cycle.

ESSA audits a percentage of accredited persons annually and so it is important to keep your evidence together and supply should it be requested. ESSA recommends keeping your documents for 5 years.



Holding accreditation entitles you to use the following titles and post-nominals.:

Accredited Exercise Scientist AES

Accredited Exercise Physiologist AES AEP

Accredited Sports Scientist Level 1 AES ASpS1

Accredited Sports Scientist Level 2 AES ASpS2

Accredited High Performance Manager AES AHPM

Full members are entitled to use the post-nominal ESSAM.

Fellow members are entitled to use the post-nominal ESSAF.

For if you are an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and full member your post-nominals are ESSAM AES AEP