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Professional Development

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Welcome to ESSA’s Professional Development Centre

How to manage your annual CPD requirements 

1: SET your PD goals. Think about what areas of your practice you wish to develop considering your accreditation type. For example, as an AEP you may wish to gain more knowledge in pain management, you need to update your First Aid and you wish to understand more about working within the NDIS. These goals all relate to developing the scope of practice of an AEP.

2. CHOOSE opportunities that meet your goals such as courses, podcasts and workshops etc. You can choose ESSA accredited PD or external PD (scroll to the bottom of this page).

3. CHECK that the PD you have chosen meets the ESSA guidelines for your accreditation type and determine how many points you can claim using the 2018 points system. ESSA recommends you download these two important documents and refer to them each time you consider choosing a PD.

4. RECORD your CPD and ensure you have evidence of completion. 

* Some ESSA members are dual qualified (i.e have 2 or 3 accreditations). You still only need to accrue a minimum 20 points and this can be related to any of your accreditation types. 


What can be used for CPD points?

There are so many ways you can earn your annual 20 CPD points. Follow the checklist below to determine if a PD opportunity is going to be eligible for CPD points, for your accreditation type;

1. The Points:

You can accrue points from 4 categories,

  • You MUST accrue at least 15 points from the Further Education category (e.g courses, webinars and podcasts related to the scope of practice, First Aid and CPR) and

  • The remaining 5 points can be from either the  Presenting and Publication (e.g. poster presentation, publication, writing for ESSA, guest lecturer), Self Education (e.g. reading articles) and Community Services (e.g. student supervision, ESSA AGM meeting).

  • There is a points system which clearly explains how many points are claimable in each category and there are lots of examples click and download the 2018 CPD Points System and have it handy.

2. The Guidelines:

The PD opportunity must meet ESSA’s requirements – there are guidelines that you need to check when considering a PD opportunity e.g. the qualifications of the presenter. See the 2018 CPD Guidelines for your accreditation type.

3. The Evidence:  

You need evidence of the PD you have completed, keep copies of the articles you read the certificates awarded and record and upload to your electronic CPD logbook 


How can I be sure ESSA will accept my PD?

It’s really simple! Does the PD you have chosen develop the scope of practice related to your accreditation type? see all scopes of practice here AND has it met the 2018 CPD Guidelines and 2018 CPD Points System


What if I am audited?

5% of the ESSA membership are audited each year. You will need to provide evidence of the PD you have done, this includes copies of certificates.


What PD is on offer?

  • Major conferences and events

  • Face to face events

  • Online learning 

  • Self paced learning through podcasts 

ESSA ensures it takes a multi-platform approach to suit the needs of all members

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If you have any questions or for more information, please contact the ESSA office on 07 3171 3335 or via email to book an appointment with an advisor.