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Standards & Compliance

ESSA Standards and Compliance

The Standards & Compliance professional development is now available.  We have broken this professional development into two modules,

  1. Medicare
  2. Department of Veterans’ Affairs

The two schemes (Medicare & DVA) are broken down into learning activities detailing information for health providers, services, referrals and payment.

ESSA requires all Accredited Exercise Physiologists to complete this as a part of the requirements of their accreditation.


Access to this professional development is now available via your ESSA members profile under Members Lounge > My Account.

Click on the box that reads “Standards & Compliance” where you will go straight to the Log-in page for this professional development. On your first visit, please click ‘Register’ and follow the prompts. Log-in to your profile by using the button found in the top right hand corner of this website.

Completion timeframes

All current AEPs, who earnt their accreditation on or before 30th September 2013, should have completed this professional development by now. For all AEPs accredited on or after 1st October 2013, you must successfully complete this professional development within four months of your accreditation date. The only exception to the above completion timeframes is if you receive written advice from an ESSA national office staff member.

If you have any queries, please email