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Types of membership and assessment

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) Membership Types

There are seven categories of membership at ESSA. They have been designed to cater for the needs of different groups. The categories are:

Student Membership
Student membership is open to students in the process of completing a degree or equivalent in the field of exercise and sports science.



Graduate MembershipGraduate entry assessment is available to persons who have completed an undergraduate degree in the field of exercise & sports science, who are applying to undertake postgraduate university studies in the field of exercise & sports science or clinical exercise physiology.

Graduate entry assessment is also open to those prospective students who have completed a degree related to the exercise and sport science field and are applying to undertake postgraduate university studies in the field of clinical exercise physiology.


Exercise Science Membership

Exercise science (Full) membership is open to graduates of a National University Accreditation Program (NUCAP) or a graduate who has completed an undergraduate degree in exercise or sports science that has met the ESSA exercise science knowledge and skill requirements. Exercise science (Full) membership is a prerequisite to obtaining accreditation as an accredited exercise physiologist and or sports scientist with ESSA.


Academic membership
Academic is open to academics teaching in an exercise or sports science degree who are able to meet the criteria documented.



Associate membership

Associate is available to persons in other professional fields whose qualifications would not meet the criteria for Exercise science (Full) membership of ESSA, but whose degree may contribute to the field of exercise and sports science in Australia.



Fellow Membership ESSA


Fellow is available to members of ESSA. It recognises those who have achieved a high level of professional accomplishment, responsibility and service to the association.



Life Membership ESSA

Life membership recognises a distinguished level of service and commitment to the association.