Join the Advocacy Network

ESSA members have expressed a desire to get involved in advocacy activities. The network aims to increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence to work with ESSA to support efforts across key priorities. To get involved, fill in a quick survey to let us know your areas of interest and we can connect you with the learning activities, resources and Policy and Advocacy Team members to support your involvement.


Prior to 2021, ESSA members have been involved in advocacy in an informal manner and when an issue arose. It was recognised that there needed to be additional support to members to engage effectively in advocacy and to align with ESSA’s position on priority issues. The level of member engagement in advocacy was also unknown.

ESSA's actions

In the membership renewal for 2021, members expressed interest in being involved in advocacy and they were invited to Join the Advocacy Network. To support members in advocacy, ESSA started developing a range of resources, including upskilling opportunities, letter templates and policy briefs to support engagement with policy and decision makers and initiatives to engage clients in lodging complaints. Website pages have been developed on specific priority issues such as GST, NDIS, DVA and workers compensation. Members in the network have been engaged in a range of activities to assist ESSA, sharing insights via surveys, reviewing submissions and acting as representatives in roundtable discussion.

What are we still advocating for?

ESSA continues to advocate in many areas. Some specific priority areas for ongoing advocacy have been developed into website pages including:

  1. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  2. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  3. Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)
  4. Workers Compensation –WorkSafe Victoria & SIRA NSW
  5. Election Campaigns –Queensland and ACT Elections

Each of these pages outlines what ESSA is advocating for and provides content specific to the issue.

How can you get involved?

Click here to join the Advocacy Network.
When you sign up you will be invited to participate in upskilling opportunities and directed to resources related to your area of interest.
For effective advocacy it is important that ESSA members share their experiences and drive the collective messages from ESSA.

Further information and support

Email [email protected] or call 07 3171 3335.