Isometric Resistance Training for Hypertension Virtual

Isometric Resistance Training for Hypertension Virtual

Isometric Resistance Training for Hypertension Virtual Workshop

Isometric resistance training (IRT) produces significant blood pressure reductions in people with hypertension, but IRT is under-utilized as an anti-hypertensive therapy. Recent changes to US and ESSA guidelines for managing hypertension recommend IRT as an effective adjunct therapy. 

This virtual workshop will provide the evidence for IRT use in people with hypertension. The program will show how to assess clients and implement a safe and effective IRT exercise program. A significant proportion of the day will be devoted to a practical session where attendees will perform a client assessment, learn how to prescribe an IRT program and also how to monitor cardiac responses while clients perform IRT.

This professional development will add ‘another string to the bow’ for accredited exercise physiologists to manage hypertension.

Presented by Prof Neil Smart, FESSA, AEP, AES, PhD

Neil has been an exercise physiologist for more than 25 years and has practised in primary and tertiary care centres in the UK, SE Asia and Australia. In his early career Neil gained invaluable experience in exercise testing and prescription, for cardiac patients. Neil has since become an internationally recognised leader in exercise epidemiology and healthy aging, publishing more than 130 peer-reviewed journal manuscripts. Neil’s career research ‘theme’ has been to understand the optimal exercise program prescription for a range of chronic illnesses commonly encountered by accredited exercise physiologists in clinical practice. Neil has systematically synthesized the published literature, with periodic updates, to evaluate the evidence for optimizing exercise prescriptions for a range of chronic diseases, most notably heart and renal failure, diabetes and related metabolic derangements.

Neil has clinical trial experience and expertise conducting meta-analyses of lifestyle and pharmacological treatments for managing chronic illnesses. Neil has recently focussed on the benefits of isometric exercise to manage hypertension.  In 2017 the American Heart Association’s guideline paper on hypertension, recognized isometric exercise as a vital treatment strategy, this announcement was in part due to Neil’s contributions to this field.

Since 2001 Neil has been accredited by ESSA, Exercise and Sport Science Australia, as an exercise physiologist. In recognition of his work as Chair of ESSA’s Cardiovascular Special Interest Group and Research Committees, as well as contributions to the National University Accredited Degree Program curricula, Neil was awarded an ESSA Fellowship in 2016. Neil remains chair of ESSA’s national research publications committee.


Virtual Workshop
Saturday 19 November 2022
10.00am - 5.30pm AEDT
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WA:   7:00am - 2:30pm

This is a live virtual workshop only. No recordings will be available post workshop.

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  • Full day professional development  
  • Workbook in a softcopy format
  • Certificate of attendance, gaining you valuable ESSA CPD points
  • Virtual networking with the presenter and your peers

    Target Audience

    Any Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Any Accredited Exercise Scientist

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