Complaints can be made to ESSA about individuals who are ESSA members and/or ESSA accredited professionals. Complaints may also be made to other bodies, such state health care commissions (see below).  

Please contact the ESSA office on 07 3171 3335 if you would like to discuss any particular concerns. 

ESSA Complaints Process

The Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures By-law outlines ESSA’s procedure for investigating complaints against its members. 

 To make a complaint about an ESSA member you should:

1. Read the ESSA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice
2. Read the Complaints and Disciplinary By-law
3. Decide whether to make a complaint
4. Download and complete the ESSA Complaint Form and
5. Return the completed form to the Chief Executive Officer
6. Suspended/Expelled ESSA Member List

National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers

A National Code of Conduct for health care workers/National Code of Conduct for general health services is being implemented in each Australian state and territory.  

This code gives consumers greater protection for services by health care workers who are not part of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health practitioners. 

Please see each state below for links to the relevant code and display information. 

ESSA recommends health care workers display:

- A copy of the National Code of Conduct relevant to your state
- Information on how to make a complaint
- Evidence of the qualification of the health care provider

Breaches of National Code of Conduct for health care workers

To view the National Code of Conduct for health care workers/National Code of Conduct for general health services in each state and territory or to make a complaint about a breach of this code, follow the links below. 

Queensland: Office of the Health Ombudsman

Code of Conduct 

NSW: Health Care Complaints Commission

Code of Conduct  

South Australia: Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner

Code of Conduct  

Victoria: Victorian Health Complaints Commission 

Code of Conduct 

* Information for other states and territories will be added once it is available.