Councils and Committees

ESSA establishes other committees and councils as required to provide advice on the strategic objectives for ESSA. 

Accreditation Council (AC)
The purpose of the Accreditation Council is to provide leadership, oversight and advice to the board on the accreditation of practitioners and coursework programs in the broad areas of exercise and sports science. 

Course Accreditation Committee (CAC) 
The purpose of the Course Accreditation Committee is to provide universities and training providers with a framework to build courses of excellence in exercise and sports science, to ensure that graduate outcomes are aligned with industry requirements, and to review and renew courses against the current course accreditation standards.

ESSA Standards Council (SC)
The SC provides independent policy advice to the Board, and ESSA CEO on issues pertaining to the development, implementation, monitoring and review of professional standards for the exercise and sports science professions.
Publications Committee
The Publications Committee has been established to oversee ESSA’s positions statements, consensus statements and guidelines, and to collaborate with other organisations on the development of joint documents.

Research Committee

The Research Committee has been established to oversee and define ESSA’s research priorities and activities, as well as assist with the translation and dissemination of Australian exercise and sports science research.

Ethics and Disciplinary Committee (EDC)
The purpose of the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee is to undertake complaints and disciplinary procedures, review the ESSA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice, and to support Board responsibilities for oversight in these areas including maintenance of proper professional standards

Membership and Accreditation Panel (MAAP)
An appeals process is available where ESSA has made a decision to either deny membership of a person, deny accreditation of a person, or deny or suspend a person’s accreditation (other than for disciplinary reasons by the ethics committee). The MAAP is an independent panel responsible for assessing and making decisions on applications to appeal such a decision made by ESSA. An ESSA decision to deny membership or accreditation can be overruled by the MAAP where an error has been made in the assessment outcome or where due process was not followed during the course of the assessment.