ESSA State Chapters

The objectives or purposes for which the Chapter is established is to:

- promote the objectives and initiatives of ESSA at a regional level;
- to provide the regions with a voice for the members of that region;
- to foster collaboration with clinicians and other persons and organisations to further or advance knowledge in the fields of work of members of the Association;
- to provide local training and educational opportunities for members in the region, and
- to liaise and educate state governments and other interested state based parties on the roles and activities of the members of the Association

Join ESSA State Chapter Committees

ESSA is seeking Expressions of Interest to join ESSA’s State Chapter Committees across all states and territories.

The State Chapter Committee (SCC) has been established to provide strategic advice and guidance in relation to their state and support the national office to deliver the strategic plan. The SCC aims to ensure the local ESSA members receive professional development and networking opportunities and provide support and guidance to the national office in relation to advocacy needs.

All positions on the State Chapter Committee (SCC) are appointed by Anita Hobson-Powell, ESSA CEO, for a two-year term. 

Please refer to the SCC Terms of Reference and Operational Procedures  for more information, or contact [email protected].

State Chapter Committee Position - EOI
State Chapter Operational Procedures

Queensland (QLD)

Read about updates from the Queensland State Chapter

Chair - Shelley Keating

New South Wales (NSW)

Read about updates from the New South Wales State Chapter

Co-Chair - Mark Liberatore
Co-Chair - Jessica Seymour

Victoria (VIC)

Read about updates from the Victoria State Chapter

Chair - Matt Pollard

South Australia (SA)

Read about updates from the South Australia State Chapter

Co-Chair - Max Nelson
Co-Chair - Samuel Chalmers

Western Australia (WA)

Read about updates from the Western Australia State Chapter

Chair - David Beard

Tasmania (TAS)

Read about updates from the Tasmania State Chapter

Co-Chair - Peter Bradley
Co-Chair - Marni Whish-Wilson

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Read about updates from the Australian Capital Territory State Chapter

Co-Chair - Dylan Grubb
Co-Chair - Amy Rose