Provisional Accreditation

*Important - The Provisional Accreditation application process introduced to assist with COVID-19 restrictions and government expectation is ceasing 31 December 2022, with no new application accepted following this date. Individuals already issued with Provisional Accreditation are not impacted and may transition to Full Accreditation once all criteria is achieved. 

Provisional Accreditation is available to those who:

  • Have completed a qualification in exercise and sports science and/or exercise physiology leading to a Bachelor
    degree or higher in the relevant field to the application


  • Have graduated from an ESSA accredited Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology course in 2020 to 2022


  • Have graduated from a non-ESSA accredited Exercise Science, Sports Science or Exercise Physiology course from December
    2019 to December 2022


  • Have completed a minimum number of professional experience hours as follows:
  • 80 hours related to Exercise Science
  • 220 hours related to Clinical Exercise Physiology*
  • 220 hours related to Sports Science*

*In addition to 140 Exercise Science hours

Provisional Accreditation can be utilised for Exercise Science accreditation (AES), Exercise Physiology accreditation (AEP), or Level 1 Sports Science accreditation (ASpS1).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please view the FAQ document here.

If you still have questions or would like guidance with your application, please click the link below to chat with an assessor. You can also contact us at [email protected]

Brief chat (15 minutes) with an assessor
Extended chat (30 minutes) with an assessor 

How to Apply:

All pathways are outlined in the Provisional Accreditation form listed below. To determine your eligibility for a pathway, you will need to confirm if you have completed an ESSA accredited or non-ESSA accredited course. To check your course, a full list of ESSA accredited courses can be found here.

Please note – You will need to provide a Student Practicum Report that is completed by your university. Please view the form below and contact your university for completion.

Student Practicum Summary

All forms and supporting documents will no longer be physically posted to ESSA, please follow instructions on application forms for online submission.

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Application Processing Fees:  

  • An initial assessment fee is outlined for each pathway in the Provisional Accreditation application form.
  • An additional assessment fee of $55 incl. GST applies in the event that an application requires additional information to be finalised i.e. you are asked to supply additional information.
  • Additional assessment fees will be charged prior to an assessment.
  • A maximum of two additional assessments are allowed per application. If your application is not approved after two additional assessments OR if you fail to supply information by the due date, your application will be finalised as declined.
  • Additional information must be supplied within 1 month.
  • Additional assessments are processed within 10-30 working days.
  • All assessment and processing fees are non-refundable.
  • Please note, you will receive an invoice for the accreditation / membership fee upon approval of your application. 

Additional Resources, Templates and Guides:

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