Exercise for good health and a strong economy

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is calling on candidates for the 2022 Federal Election to support these five policy priorities to ensure all Australians are provided with better access to exercise services to support good health outcomes and a strong economy:

1. Make exercise physiology services more affordable by removing GST from exercise physiology.

2. Expand access to exercise physiology for people with chronic disease.

3. Expand access to exercise physiology for people with mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, other mood disorders and severe mental illness).

4. Expand access to exercise physiology in aged care.

5. Increase preventive health investment to 5% of total annual health expenditure.

The five priorities listed above all provide significant opportunities for the next Australian Government to invest in and embed prevention, early intervention and the treatment of chronic conditions in the health system to support Australians to lead healthy and active lives; and strengthen the economy.

If you care about health and the economy, you should care about exercise.

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