ESSA Position & Consensus Statements

Position Statements

Position Statements are expert, peer-reviewed publications endorsed by ESSA and presenting robust evidence supporting practical translation of research into practice for application by ESSA professionals. Position Statements reflect the available evidence at the time of publication.

From time-to-time, ESSA also publishes joint Position Statements with other related peak organisations.

ESSA Publications Committee is commencing a review of older Position Statements in the last quarter of 2021.

Consensus Statements

Consensus Statements set out the consensus view endorsed by ESSA and the expert author group for which supporting evidence may be lacking or of insufficient quality to establish strong, evidence-based statements.

If you have any queries regarding our Position or Consensus Statements, please contact the ESSA research team:

Position Statements

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Chronic Disease and Conditions



Physical Activity



The content of ESSA endorsed Position Statements is reviewed 10 years post original publication and where appropriate an updated position statement published. Position Statements which have been updated are retained here as an historical record of ESSA endorsed publications.

ESSA: Exercise and hypertension (2008) (Download PDF)

ESSA: Optimising cancer outcomes through exercise (2009) (Download PDF)

Joint Position Statements

Consensus Statements