ESSA supports and commissions publications translating evidence-based exercise, sport and health research to practice for the benefit of professionals and the community.

ESSA is committed to supporting research that:
  • aids ESSA professionals in providing safe, quality and evidence-based services
  • contributes to the evidence base in the field of exercise and sport sciences
  • improves outcomes for exercise and sport science service users
ESSA publishes expert, peer-reviewed position statements presenting robust evidence which is representative of the views of the author group and specifically supporting practical translation of research into practice for application by ESSA professionals.

In addition, ESSA publishes consensus statements which set out the consensus view held by ESSA and the expert author group for which supporting evidence may be lacking or of insufficient quality to establish strong, evidence-based statements.

The ESSA Publications Committee has been established to provide expertise and oversight of the commissioning and development of position statements, consensus statements and guidelines, and to collaborate with other organisations on the development of joint documents. These activities are conducted in support of ESSA’s research priorities and assists with the translation and dissemination of Australian exercise and sports science research to ESSA professionals.

ESSA Position and Consensus Statements

Contributing to ESSA Position and Consensus Statements