ESSA has a Course Accreditation Appeal Policy in place providing an avenue for education providers to appeal against outcomes in relation to course accreditation.

Please read the ESSA Course Accreditation Appeal Policy in full before completing and submitting an Appeal Application Form

An appeal will only be accepted if the fully completed Appeal Application Form, supporting documentation, and full payment for the appeal is received by ESSA within 20 working days of the outcome (that is being appealed) being reported to the education provider. Appeal applications received after 20 business days will not be considered.If an Appeal Application is received, but full payment is not received within 20 working days of the outcome being reported to the education provider, the appeal will not proceed.

The Appeal Application Form must be completed in full and submitted with any supporting documentation to Ms Anita Hobson-Powell (ESSA’s Chief Executive Officer) via email to [email protected] or in hard copy to the address below:

Exercise & Sports Science Australia
Locked Bag 4102
QLD 4007

Appeal fees: $5058 (GST exsclusive). In the event that a site visit to the education provider is deemed essential in order to adequately investigate the appeal, additional cost will be incurred by the education provider to cover the expenses for a site visit.

Appeal fees will be refunded to the education provider if the original outcome decision is over-turned after the final stage of the full appeal process is finalised. The appeal fee and any associated site visit costs will not be refunded if the appeal is rejected at either stage of the appeal process.

Please refer to the Course Accreditation Appeal Policy and Appeal Fact Sheet for information regarding appeals and the appeal process.