Maintaining Course Accreditation

Annual Reports

Education providers are responsible for maintaining the requirements for course accreditation throughout the accreditation period and are required to submit an annual report each year.

In 2023, completed annual reports are required to be submitted by close of business on 1 June. The Annual Report template can be downloaded by clicking here.

One report is required to be completed for each course that an education provider has accredited with either full or provisional accreditation status, including double degree courses. A report must be completed regardless of whether an education provider currently has an application for re-accreditation under consideration, or if an education provider has received a course accreditation outcome in 2022. An Annual Report must also be completed if an education provider has an accredited course that has been discontinued but is currently in teach-out.

If an education provider has a course that is accredited across multiple campuses, statistical data for each campus and any other differing information (between campuses), must be clearly identified.  

For 2023, education providers with a course that is accredited at the level of Exercise Physiology must complete and submit with their Annual Report an appendix titled 'Update to the AEP Transition Plan'. This Appendix template can be downloaded by clicking here.  

Annual Fees

From 2018, annual fees are required to be paid in full by 1 June each year. An invoice for the annual fee will be provided four weeks prior to the annual fee due date. Payment of the annual fee is required for continued participation in the course accreditation process.

Notification of Course Changes

Education providers are required to notify ESSA of any changes to a course in respect of any of the minimum requirements for accreditation. This includes changes to academic staffing (in terms of any staff who were submitted towards meeting the minimum staffing requirements), student enrolments, course structure, course content, assessment methodologies, and practicum placements (significant loss of). Twelve months’ notice must be provided before any planned changes are implemented to the course structure or content that was submitted towards meeting accreditation requirements. Please download and complete the Course Change Notification Form  to inform ESSA of all changes and email this to the Course Accreditation Manager to [email protected].

A fee will be incurred for the review of course changes. Fees levied to consider course changes are determined by the characteristics and extent of the proposed changes.

Changes to be made to course and/or unit codes and/or names must also be reported. However, no fees are incurred in this instance.