ESSA Student Membership Application - Before You Start


Applicants eligible for student membership must be enrolled in a minimum AQF level 7 (Bachelor degree) qualification related to the field of exercise and sports science.


ESSA forms must be completed in English and all supporting documentation supplied must be in English


  1. Student membership is free of charge in 2021
  2. Applications will not be assessed until a complete application and supporting documentation has been received.
  3. Applications are assessed in order of arrival and can take up to 15 working days per application from the date of receipt

Before you start!

We require you to upload the following documents during the online application.  You will need to have the following documents scanned in PDF format for upload during the process and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria:

  A copy of your student ID to verify that you are currently enrolled in a relevant university course

Resources and examples can be found here

Student Master Policy cover information here

Tick all these boxes to begin the join process.