Building Healthy Environments for International Men's Health Week 2022

16 June 2022

Men’s Health Week is an important reminder to for males to check in with their health. Men have shorter average life expectancy, are more likely to suffer illness and are more likely to take their own lives, so this week is about having open discussions and heightening awareness of preventable health problems.

This week, Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is taking the opportunity to concentrate on a cohort who often remain silent when talking about their health; men.

This year’s International Men’s Health Week runs from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th June and focuses on creating physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy environments in the home, workplace and in social settings. The 2022 campaign theme, ‘Building Healthy Environments for Men and Boys’, asks us to consider what needs to be done to improve male health.

As ESSA is an organisation that has a vision for all Australians to use exercise to improve their health and wellbeing, we value the positive power exercise has and how it benefits a person beyond just physical health, as it also boosts mental health and emotional welfare too.

ESSA CEO Anita Hobson-Powell says, “Exercise and physical activity are key components to having a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle,”.

“Men’s Health Week 2022 is a timely reminder to think about how to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle and look to tertiary qualified health professionals who can help design and safely deliver an effective program based on an individual’s needs.” says Anita.

Exercise professionals, like Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) or Accredited Exercise Scientists (AES), can help improve a person’s relationship with exercise as they are equipped with specialised knowledge to develop interventions that improve health, fitness, wellbeing, performance, and that assist in the prevention of chronic conditions.

These professionals understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to getting active. Accredited exercise professionals are university qualified and have years of experience in motivation and behavioural change, prescribing exercise.

Exercise plays a vital role in keeping Australian blokes healthier, happier and alive for longer, and unfortunately, only 17% of men are both sufficiently active and meet the recommended muscle strengthening guidelines.

“Taking time to reflect on our health isn’t always a top priority for men, but it should be. If you’re struggling to do it alone, don’t be nervous about reaching out to others,” says ESSA Policy and Advocacy Manager Jeffrey Allen.

“An easy first step can be grabbing a couple mates and heading to the park to play a game of casual footy, or go for a walk to coffee with a friend and have a conversation.”

With the cold winter weather upon us, it also doesn’t hurt to have a little extra encouragement to stay active. Find an AEP or AES near you and start to break down your barriers to exercise this week!

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