Mandatory Declarations

Mandatory declarations are legal statements where individuals self-assess and confirm compliance with key ESSA requirements.

The Mandatory Declarations Policy applies to members and accredited professionals at initial accreditation, annual re-accreditation and return to accreditation. These include:
  • Adherence to Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice
  • Adherence to Continuing Professional Development requirements
  • Adherence to insurance, first aid and CPR (where applicable)
  • Adherence to recency of practice thresholds
  • Disclosure of charges, convictions and involvement in proceedings related to criminal offences


How long do I need to keep mandatory declarations records for? This depends on the type of declaration. For example:
  • Recency of practice evidence must be kept for 7 years
  • CPD evidence must be kept for at least 5 years

Updated January 2020