Fitness Industry

Delivering health and fitness services to the general public.

AES in the Fitness Industry Prospectus

Accredited Exercise Scientists are one of the best placed professions to work in the fitness industry.

ESSA has produced this prospectus to highlight the benefits for businesses, gyms, and clients in the fitness industry of employing a university-qualified AES.

Download it here

Heart Health Program

Accredited Exericse Scientists may be eligble to become a Heart Health Program 'Group' provider, delivering 12 months of group exercise to eligible veterans. The program includes 2 weekly group exercise sessions, one monthly health education workshop and ongoing support to veterans.

Download an overview of the program here
Apply for the program here 

Career Chat: How to ace your initial assessment

Want to be confident that you and your client are getting the most out of the initial assessment? David Bennett, practice owner of Phoenix Health & Fitness, shares his top tips for conducting a meaningful initial assessment.

In this chat we cover:

  • Why we do an initial assessment
  • Choosing relevant tests and modifications
  • How to use make use of the data
  • How to educate the client
  • Where people go wrong and how to improve

Listen here