ESSA Grants & Opportunities


Applications are now closed. 

The Future Leaders’ Program is a two-prong program designed for ESSA members who have recently transitioned, or are looking to, into a leadership role. The program is designed to equip members to transition from individual contributions to supporting them to develop skills as a successful leader.

The program focuses on developing their leadership style and covers key topics in effective leadership, including strategic vision, developing effective teams, change and transition management, handling competing interests and conflict management, and influential skills to build effective teams and achieve effective outcomes.

Participant requirements:

  • Must have been a member of ESSA for 2 years or more.
  • Must have direct engagement with the industry (councils, PHNs, hospital, government, sport).
  • Must indicate that they would like to move into a leadership role or use skills to support the activities of ESSA.

Once selected, each participant is required to submit a self-development plan – goal setting, support strategies.


This program adopts a blended approach and as such, includes a variety of teaching and learning approaches:

  • Undertake a DiSC profile
  • Complete an online program via a series of webinars that will be made available for free for emerging and new leaders within ESSA.
  • Partner with a mentor

A breakfast is to be held during the ESSA Research to Practice 2020 conference (Friday morning).

A workshop will then also be held at the ESSA Research to Practice 2020 conference (Friday lunch).


ESSA will cover the cost for up to 20 people to:

  • Undertake a DiSC profile
  • Attend webinars
  • Attend the breakfast at the ESSA Research to Practice conference
  • Attend the workshop at the ESSA Research to Practice conference

Participants are to cover their own registration, travel and accommodation to the ESSA Research to Practice 2020 conference being held in Perth.

Application requirements

  • Applications close: 21st February 2020
  • Send to: Linda Waterman, Executive Assistant to the CEO: 


Applications are now closed.

As members of this industry, we all know the power of exercise/physical activity/sport can have on helping to build a community and to mitigate the trauma those affected are likely to experience the coming months.

In light of this, funding is being made available by ESSA to help encourage our members to set up and run community exercise/sport activities/programs in the bushfire effected communities.

Funding available

Minimum 10 grants of up to $2000

What we will fund

  • Community exercise/sport activities/programs (existing or new) to help people be active as a community
  • Community exercise/sport activities/programs to support rural fire services volunteers (and their families)
  • Activities/programs must be delivered in collaboration/partnership with a local community service/organisation
  • Activities/program can be delivered in parks, community halls, schools, sporting oval, Universities, PCYCs, YMCA, council facilities, church halls, etc.
  • Funds will cover community rents, portable equipment and a maximum of 25% of requested funds to staff salary

What we will not fund

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Programs part of existing third party payer (i.e. Medicare) or require a participation fee
  • A one-off activity
  • Activities with no local community service/organisation involvement
  • Travel costs of more than 25% of requested funds to staff salary

Application criteria

  • Activity/Program must be delivered in a community which has been severely affected by a bushfire – demonstrated by lost residences, lost land, lost businesses, extreme poor air quality for 5 number of days
  • Activity/Program is designed to achieve maximal participation
  • Activity/Program should be run a minimum of 8 times over a 3-month period
  • Activity/Program must be a minimum 1 hour in duration (each time)
  • Program must be delivered by a financial ESSA member

Application requirements

  • Applications close: 7th February 2020
  • Decision by: 21st February 2020
  • Send to: Linda Waterman, Executive Assistant to the CEO: