What do I do if I have not met the ESSA requirements for membership and or accreditation?

The standards and processes for assessment and recognition of qualifications are established and maintained by the Professional Standards Advisory Council and Accreditation Council.

Please review the information on this page. If you have further questions please contact ESSA.


Applications for membership or accreditation that have been officially finalised by ESSA as declined may be appealed.

There are two types of appeals:

Application to Appeal a Membership Decision

Application to Appeal an Accreditation Decision

All appeal applications must be in writing and received by ESSA within 30 working days of ESSA sending formal written notification of the outcome.

Please review the Appeals Fact Sheet for information on fees and to ensure your application for an appeal is lodged correctly.

Graduate Entry Assessment – Not yet met outcome

Applicants who have applied for a Graduate Entry (GE) assessment for the purposes of entering a post-graduate clinical exercise physiology course and have received a letter from ESSA with a ‘not yet met requirements’ outcome will be required to address any deficits prior to applying for exercise physiology accreditation (AEP). To address these deficits please see below.

For applicants requiring further study:

To address study area deficits, university study must be undertaken at the minimum of an AQF Level 7 qualification (the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree qualification). This may be completed as part of a university course or as non-award units. 

For applicants requiring further exercise science practicum:

Please see the Practicum Guide for information on satisfying the exercise science practicum requirements.

ESSA recommends approaching your current or prospective education provider to discuss options for addressing the deficits outlined in the GE outcome letter.

Complete a course accredited by ESSA in exercise science/exercise physiology

ESSA has accredited a number of courses offered by education providers to the level of exercise science and/or exercise physiology through ESSA’s course accreditation process. Accredited courses has been approved to meet the standards required for the profession. Please note: Exercise physiology accreditation (AEP) is ONLY available to domestic graduates of an ESSA accredited exercise physiology qualification OR international graduates who can satisfy the ESSA Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology standards via the four stage International Accreditation pathway. 

A full list of accredited courses can be found here.