Supporting health through exercise for 30 years 

To celebrate 30 years of Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA), we are reflecting on 30 stories which commemorate the profound impact the exercise and sports science industry and its professionals have had on our communities, and how they have benefited the health landscape in Australia.

Hear stories from inspiring clients, pivotal moments in our industry, professionals raising the profile and more as we share them over the year of 2021.


30 Years, 30 Stories

A Centre of Recovery

Making Strides on the Gold Coast has played a key role in the amazing recovery journeys of Andy Hensel, paralysed motocross rider, and Alex McKinnon, NRL player, and many more.

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The Medicare Breakthrough

In late-2005, Accredited Exercise Physiologists were approved to deliver clinical exercise services for people with chronic conditions under Medicare.

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No Looking Back

Meet Isa, an 11-year-old boy, living with a rare form of mitochondrial disease. Isa's AEP, Jessica shares their journey on how exercise can empower children, no matter their health.

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The Power of Exercise

Our accredited professionals see a range of inspiring clients who make significant progresses in their life thanks to the power of exercise.

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Exercise is Medicine for Cancer

The role of exercise in cancer care has helped to significantly grow the exercise and sports science industry over the last decade thanks to dedicated to the cause.

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An NDIS Success Story

Fasiu's journey is a success story for the NDIS of how exercise is medicine and the important role Accredited Exercise Physiologists play within this scheme.

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Sports Science Accreditation Story

The growth of our Sports Scientist and High Performance Managers, and ESSA's accreditation system, has shaped the sporting landscape throughout Australia and beyond.

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Active Communities & Bushfires

After receiving an ESSA Grant, the Alpine Shire Pole Walking Groups was developed to support the Alpine Shire community impacted by the 2019-2020 bushfires.

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Neuroscience and exercise physiology

As the industry grows so too does the niche areas in which exercise professionals play a key role. One of these areas is in neuroscience.

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Australian Para-Sport

Our exercise and sports science professionals have helped to play a role in the growth of the para-sport space, working with para-athletes at a range of levels.

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The 2019 NDIS Announcement

The 2019 NDIS Announcement is still fresh in our minds. This resulted in some exciting wins for our Accredited Exercise Physiologists providing support through the NDIS.

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