Advocacy at ESSA

Active Nation

ESSA for an Active Nation is our main advocacy platform to promote our professions.

Policy Statements

Exercise & Sports Science Australia develops policy statements on a range of issues that are of importance to our members and people accessing an exercise and sports science professional’s services.

All policy statements are endorsed by the ESSA Board and provide a succinct overview of ESSA’s position on key issues.

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Major Submissions & Lobbying

Exercise & Sports Science Australia advocate on behalf of the three professional membership groups; Accredited Sports Scientists, Accredited Exercise physiologists and Accredited Exercise Scientists.

Major submission are proactively written to address issues of importance to our members or in response to government/non-government calls for consultation on a particular issue.

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Industry Reports

Exercise & Sports Science Australia develops and also commission industry reports to obtain detailed information about workforce trends, participation and issues. 

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Position Statements

Exercise & Sports Science Australia commissions the development of evidence-based position statements to communicate the current evidence for exercise interventions and various conditions. Position statements are subject to normal Journal review processes prior to acceptance for publication.

ESSA’s Research Committee oversee the positon statement development within the organisation. 

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