Applying for Full Accreditation

Applications for Full Accreditation

An application for full accreditation for a new course must be submitted as soon as the inaugural cohort of students commence studying the third to last semester of the course.

Education providers must liaise with the Course Accreditation Manager four months before the application is to be submitted, to schedule a mutually agreeable date for the application submission.

The Course Accreditation Manager will issue the invoice upon receipt of the application. Please refer to ESSA’s web page Course Accreditation Fees, which lists all fees associated with course accreditation.

Before submitting a course accreditation application education providers must ensure they have read and understood the Course Accreditation Requirements documents below:


Course Accreditation Requirements

Course Accreditation Standards

Course Accreditation Guide

Appendices (Exercise Science Standards and Accredited Exercise Physiologist Professional Standards)

Practicum Standards (in effect 1 January 2022, except for EP specifications which are effective in 2023)

For courses that are delivered at multiple campuses (either part or in full), education providers must read and understand ESSA's Multi Campus Policy if either all or part of the course that is submitted for accreditation is delivered at other campuses. Please note that where a course is also delivered by distance (off-campus), this is considered as a separate campus. For a course delivered at multiple campuses, information specific to each campus will need to be provided within the application form and this must be clearly highlighted. Tables may need to be replicated to provide information for each campus, as applicable.

Course accreditation is campus-specific. For education providers who already have an accredited course, but mid-accreditation cycle wish to apply to extend the accreditation of that course to another campus or to introduce the delivery of the course by distance, please contact the Course Accreditation Manager.

Online Application Form

ESSA has developed a new online program to capture all course accreditation applications and supporting evidence. The program is live and accepting applications for all accreditation types. Education providers are required to liaise with the Course accreditation Manager at least four months before application is to be submitted.

Please note: Educational providers are not required to print copies of their application. Hardcopy application forms will be accepted until 1 January 2024. If you wish to submit a hardcopy after this date, contact [email protected].

If you require IT support for this program, email [email protected].

Apply Online

2022 Application Documents

Course Accreditation Application Form

Template A1 - ES Mapping

Template A2 - EP Mapping

Template B - Unit Information

Template C - Assessment Matrix

Template D - Staff Profile

Template E1 - ES Practicum

Template E2 - EP Practicum

Presentation of Application Submissions

Applications submissions must be sufficiently detailed and coherently organised to permit a thorough evaluation by a review team. Sufficient detail must be provided to enable reviewers to familiarise themselves with the course and the material being submitted as evidence.