What is an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES)?

AES are professionals with high level training in exercise and sports science. At a minimum they hold a Bachelor degree that meets the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 7 requirements*.This equips the AES with the knowledge and skills to apply the science of exercise to develop interventions that improve health, fitness, well being, performance, and that assist in the prevention of chronic conditions.

The aim of AES interventions are to educate, promote and implement the adoption of physical activity and/or exercise. These programs can be at an individual,community or population level. 

Exercise & Sports Science Australia is the peak professional body and sole accrediting body for Accredited Exercise Scientists. ESSA is also the accrediting body for Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Accredited Sports Scientists and Accredited High Performance Managers.

To gain AES accreditation with ESSA an individual must:
  • Be a graduate from minimum AQF level 7 qualification, that leads to the award of a Bachelor’s degree from a higher education provider
  • Meet the Professional Standards for Exercise Science, leading to accreditation as an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES), including 140 hours of practical experience for the purpose of undertaking an exercise intervention to improve health and fitness, wellbeing or performance, or focus on prevention of chronic conditions

To maintain accreditation with ESSA, an AES is required to:
  • Hold and maintain a valid First Aid and CPR certificate when working with clients/human subjects
  • Hold and maintain appropriate professional indemnity insurance
  • Complete an annual Continuing Professional Program comprising 20 points per year
  • Uphold the ESSA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice

An AES can work in a number of environments, including but not limited to:
  • Fitness centres, gymnasiums, private practice or business
  • Education, policy and program planning in schools and government 
  • Coaching/training in sport
  • Community health and hospitals
  • Health promotion
  • Corporate health, industrial/mining, workplace well being, employment screening
  • Ageing and aged care 

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