ESSA announces its latest Fellows

21 December 2020

ESSA Fellowship recognises those members who have achieved a high level of professional accomplishment, responsibility and service to ESSA. At this time, ESSA would like to announce Fellowships to Associate Professor John Booth, Associate Professor Melainie (Lainie) Cameron and Richard Turnbull.

“The awarding of an ESSA Fellowship allows us to recognise a long-standing member that has made a significant impact on the exercise and sports science industry and has continued to provide their support and dedication to the association,” says ESSA Chief Executive Officer, Anita Hobson-Powell.

Associate Professor John Booth’s service to ESSA and the exercise physiology profession spans across academic, clinical and service pathways, especially in the treatment and management of chronic pain where he is viewed as an industry leader in this field.

John has dedicated his time and expertise to ESSA both on the NSW State Chapter committee as well as on the Pain Special Interest Group more recently. John has then further contributed to the development of a research culture in exercise and pain through his tenure at the University of New South Wales.

John has been a practicing Accredited Exercise Physiologist since 2000 where he is notably one of the first AEPs to establish a significant presence in the musculoskeletal rehabilitation field and to develop greater awareness of the AEP profession.

“I don’t think anyone in our industry would think of exercise and chronic pain and not associate it with the expertise of John Booth. John has significantly raised the profile of the exercise physiology profession and showcased the competency of AEPs for treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions,” said Anita.

As an academic leader and practitioner, Associate Professor Melainie (Lainie) Cameron has made significant and sustained contributions to ESSA and the exercise and sports science professions.

Over the last 15 years, Lainie has made many contributions to the field of clinical exercise physiology teachings and learnings in her course leadership. Lainie has also had an extensive involvement with ESSA in terms of governance and committee work as a member and then Deputy Chair of the Accreditation Council.

Lainie was recognised by ESSA in 2016 as one of the industry’s Top 25 Influencers in Sport and Exercise Science in celebration of ESSA’s 25th year. Lainie received this recognition due to her teaching roles as well as co-authoring one of the most highly utilised and cited text-books in the clinical industry, ‘Clinical Exercise: A case-based approach’.

“Lainie’s passion and enthusiasm for our professions is outstanding, alongside her genuine care and interest in the career prospects of graduates and the quality of their training. Widely respected for her academic and professional contributions, Lainie was highly recommended for ESSA Fellowship, and rightfully so,” said Anita.

For the past 24 years, Richard Turnbull has continuously contributed to the governance of ESSA and the exercise physiology industry, through representative roles at both local and national levels.

Noted as one of the first exercise rehabilitation practitioners establishing a successful private practice within a rural setting in Australia, Richard has been servicing the Western NSW (and more recently Melbourne) communities since 1997 through his company Body Dynamics Health.

“Richard received high praise from his colleagues who provided references for his Fellowship application, all commenting on his dedication and service for almost a quarter of a century. This Fellowship is a testament to the distinguished role Richard has played in developing our industry,” said Anita.

ESSA Fellowship applications are available to Full members of ESSA and are accepted bi-annually on 30th June and 1st December each year. ESSA members will be reminded of this opportunity in the weeks leading up to these dates should they wish to apply.

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