Partnership set to change the way Aussies get active

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) has partnered with PlaySport, Australia's fastest-growing sports technology platform, to help them drive their vision to enhance performance, health and well-being through the science of exercise and sport.

PlaySport provides all sports for everyone on one platform. With more than 50,000 organisers, across 330 sport types and thousands of activities Australia wide, the addition of ESSA professionals will provide many more unique and beneficial exercise programs for local communities.

Jack Mansfield, PlaySport CEO, says it has never been more important than now to provide all Australians with a digital platform that helps them discover and connect to sports and wellness experiences and providers that are accessible and relevant. 

“We are seeing a shift to a hybrid online & offline delivery of sport, exercise, health and well-being solutions. PlaySport allows traditional sports and offline exercise providers to continue to engage their community and grow participation online, which is really important to keep mental health in check during times of restrictions and limited movement,” said Jack

Australia’s most prominent exercise and sports science organisation, ESSA will provide an extensive library of content on PlaySport’s platform that can be accessed by everyone to ensure they have the support to engage and sustain their activity and fitness levels. 
“In fact, we aim to get 3 million Australians more active over the next three years and providing ESSA’s professional information on PlaySport, will give everyone the opportunity to do it in a way that suits their ability and individual needs,” said Jack

With over 8,000 ESSA professionals, every Australian will have the ability to discover ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientists, Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists and High Performance Managers on the PlaySport platform.

“We see this strategic partnership as an excellent way to get more Australians moving. As individuals, we all have our unique motivations and goals, and each of us should be exercising in the right way for our own condition or health status. PlaySport provides a unique way for Australians to seek out an activity which supports their goals to move in an enjoyable way,” says Anita Hobson-Powell, CEO of ESSA.

“We are also excited to see more accredited exercise professionals have an opportunity to promote their programs to support those being held back by a chronic condition or disability. Sport should be an option for everyone.”

“Exercise really is medicine; the benefits movement has on our physical and mental health are countless. Together with PlaySport, we want to boost health through the joy of sport, and we are excited to begin work on this partnership.”

PlaySport is Australia’s fastest-growing online sports platform with more than 50,000 sport and activity organisers over 330 sports types helping everyday Australian’s discover, organise, play and follow any sport or activity anywhere at any time.

Founded in 1991, Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA), formerly known as the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (AAESS), is a professional organisation which is committed to establishing, promoting and defending the career paths of tertiary trained exercise and sports science practitioners.

ESSA and Playsport