Make time to enjoy eggs-ercise this Easter!

30 March 2021

It’s Easter time! Although this long weekend may be a time of consuming chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, it doesn’t need to be seen as a reason to feel bad about your health and well-being – there’s no need to rule out that chocolate bunny.

However, this time can be used as a great opportunity to head outdoors and undertake movement that you love, to help keep your body and mind active and healthy.

“A key to exercise adherence is enjoyment. By completing an exercise workout or undertaking movement that feels less like a chore and more like ‘me’ time you will do wonders to better your physical and mental health,” says Anita Hobson-Powell, ESSA Chief Executive Officer.

Research tell us that some ways to ensure you’ll enjoy the exercise experience include listening to music, participating with a friend or family, and encouraging interactions with the instructor or others in a group class. These are three simple ways to help identify positive feelings towards a workout.”

The statement “something is better than nothing” is important when it comes to exercise, and Easter can be a great time to re-introduce small amounts of exercise into our lives or even re-evaluate our health and fitness goals. Have we kept them? Do we need to adjust? Do you need an extra hand from an accredited exercise professional?

Exercise and keeping active provides a wide range of benefits such as reducing your risk of a heart attack; managing your weight better; lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers; strengthening bones, muscles and joints; and improving your mental health by decreasing stress and anxiety.

“With winter slowly creeping in, using the Easter break to partake in physical activity that you find fun is a great way to keep your exercise levels up, or to help you kick start a new exercise journey. This can either be on your own or with your family and friends,” adds Anita.

Some egg-sellent ways to keep active over Easter include:
  • Easter egg hunts: Whilst a cherished past-time for children, getting the young and old involved can ensure everyone is moving and active whilst searching from some chocolatey treats.
  • Bike rides: Just grab your helmet and bike and off you go! A bike ride down to a local park or just around the neighbourhood is a great idea for you and the whole family.
  • Swimming: Before it starts to get too cold, make great use of the sunshine by heading down to your local beach or swimming pool. Swimming is also great for those with joint issues.
  • Easy walks: Easter can be a busy time, so don’t forget to take some time out from the chaos and chocolate and go for a casual walk or jog to get you, and everyone else, out of the house.
  • Hiking: Why not use your long weekend to head out to a local national park or mountain range for a hike. Hiking trails always range between beginner and experienced. Don’t forget to wear the right shoes and take lots of water!

Weather not on your side? Need to stay at home?

Here’s some indoor activities to encourage more moving and less sitting:
  • Indoor Easter egg hunts: Don’t let rain impact on this fun adventure. Hide your eggs and treats around the house and get everyone moving.
  • Indoor trampoline parks: A fun way to get moving, both adults and kids, is trampoline parks. Although this one does come with both age and safety restrictions, it can be a fun way to get out of the house but stay dry, while also jumping towards better health.
  • Keep the kids active: It can be tough being stuck inside, especially if you’re a kid. Why not make a game out of some simple exercise workouts using our Exercise Right at Home circuits for kids! You can find them online here.

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