Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points Guidelines


- 2019-2021 CPD Policy and Guidelines
CPD Policy
CPD Guidelines
ESSA Self-Assessment Tool

How to manage your annual CPD requirements 

  1. SET your Professional Development (PD) goals
  2. CHOOSE opportunities that meet your goals
  3. CHECK the PD meets ESSA's CPD requirements.
  4. RECORD your CPD and keep evidence.

2019-2021 CPD Requirements

New CPD requirements are effective from 1 January 2019 for a period of 3 years. These requirements include:
- a new CPD Policy
- a new CPD Guidelines  (including new CPD Points System).

All accredited professionals will still need to accrue 20 points annually (inclusive of a minimum 15 points from Further Education).

The changes include:
- A new points system of only 2 categories: Further Education and Self-Education/Professional Contributions
- Revised points system: increased points allocation and/or caps for most Further Education activities
- Inclusion of applicable presentation and publication activities within the Further Education activities: these must be targeted at peers. See the CPD Guidelines
- Greater flexibility in acceptable evidence
- Introduction of CPD points requirements for individuals in the first year of their first ESSA accreditation. This will be calculated on quarterly pro-rata basis.See the CPD Guidelines

ESSA Self-Assessment Tool
Learning activities that reflect the Further Education category must be assessed to be eligible for CPD points. Where an assessment of learning is not carried out by the professional development activity providers, you may self-assess your learning by completing the ESSA Self-Assessment Tool. This tool must be completed and kept as CPD evidence and you will be required to manually add this information to your electronic logbook.

Downloadable document: ESSA Self-Assessment Tool 

Recording evidence of CPD

* You can use an Electronic CPD Logbook - follow the below steps for access: 
     1. Sign into Members Account (top right side of page) 
     2. Click on “Professional Development” from top menu
     3. Click on “My Electronic Logbook” from right-hand side menu

2019 CPD Manual Logbook (downloadable word version)

To record evidence of a mentoring partnership please complete the Mentorship Agreement and Record of Mentorship.

Reduction of/extension to ESSA’s annual CPD requirements

In situations of extenuating personal and/or professional hardship a reduction/extension to the required annual CPD points may be granted. To apply for a reduction/extension to the required annual CPD points, the accredited person is required to complete the 2019 ESSA application for Reduction/Extension of CPD Points, outlining details of the extenuating circumstances that would allow for a reduction/extension to be granted. Completed applications should be forwarded to the Professional Development & Conference Specialist and results are at the discretion of the National Board. Only situations that have created a significant obstacle to your ability to complete the required annual CPD points will be considered.
Nil exemption of the annual CPD requirements will be considered.

2019 Applications will be accepted until 31 January 2020 
2018 - Applications no longer being accepted.

Previous years requirements  

2018 CPD Requirements

Full 2018 CPD Point System 
2018 CPD Guidelines for Accredited Exercise Scientists (AES) 
2018 CPD Guidelines for Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) 
2018 CPD Guidelines for Accredited Sports Scientists (ASpS1, ASpS2) and Accredited High Performance Managers (AHPM)  
2018 CPD Manual Logbook (downloadable word version)

For the ESSA CPD point guidelines, point system and/or manual logbooks for previous years (2017 - 2012), please contact ESSA Professional Development at, or phone 07 3171 3335.